Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stay Out of the Water!

This picture was taken at the Bouchart Gardens in Victoria, When my sister and law showed it to me, it made me thing of a lake I had gone to about 20 years ago. My ex and I had stumbled onto by getting lost and ending up in the backwoods in an old car that stalled when we got to the lake. It was about 4 in the afternoon, there were loons in the water and you could hear them calling, the sun was settingt and all over the lake were lily pads with the beautiful yellow flowers. It has to be one of the nicest settings I have ever seen. We had our Chesapeake Retriever with us. His name was Boris. He loved the water and would usually jump in and be in a lake or pond for hours swimming in circles waiting for the next stick we could throw for him to retrieve to us. But not that day, we could hardly get him out of the car...anyway since the vehicle was flooded we decided we would take our rubber boat out and see if we could catch any fish. So off we went out in the middle of the lake...like I said it was just beautiful! We thought something was odd as the dog just sat by the car...It was so peaceful, we did not do any fishing because of all the lily pads...anyway we finally head for shore and when we got out of the boat, I kid you not there were hundreds of leeches on the bottom of the boat....so that was the day I learned if the dog won't go near the water stay out yourself.....Luckily we had none on us, so this beautiful place now gave me the eebie jeebies.,the beater of a car started, thank God...I think we left the dingy behind...another note to self...if there are no people around probably not the most popular place to be....If it was not for those leeches I probably could still be there!Probably waiting for that darn car to start. Lol.


  1. EEK!!! makes me glad I didn't get closer to those bog lakes last week

  2. Oh for sure, it was just insane Char...I am not big into slugs, leeches, etc. Surprised I did not go over the edge! LOL

  3. Well now... having grown up very close to the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, I could have told you how very sensible your dog was and that you should pay attention!

  4. I know Holly, he was just a beautiful dog too.but yes they know alot more than we think. Until tomorrow. Take care, cinner

  5. LOL.........ahh..there is nothing so funny as circumstances which gross folks out.

    Dog spelled backwards is..????? listen up, eh Cin??

    Hey ..your pic closed up and blew away from my blog...I don't know what happened.


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