Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Planes or Cars!

SO heres the thing, I am going to give three scenarios and we have to figure out which one is the most likely. Okay, I hope you play along. He is my newphew waiting to get on the plane. Lets figure out what conversation is the most likey. He also has an older brother about 13 going on the plane with him..okay ready.

Scenario One...BRRING, Hello, Aunt Cinner is that you? Of course it is, you rang my number. I need your help. Whatever for? I think the driver is sleeping. Oh good then he won't be tired when it is time for the plane to go. Are you feeling a little nervous? No,mot at all! Oh they want us to board the plane, where is my brother. Have fun, make sure your seatbelts are tight! Silence on the other end,,,he was gone.

Scenario two...BRRING, Alfred could you bring the car around and pick up our baggage, we need you to drive us to the farm and yes I WILL call them and let them know about the emergency with the plane. I will Tell Gtandma to start making those deserts. Hurry Alfred, we must go, quick, quick.

Third Scenario...BRRING, HI Son, how are you. Just great, The plane will be leaving soon. Yeah our bags are checked and everything is cool. Are you nervous? No, not at all, We will be fine, they are picking us up at the other end and we will not leave the airport. Oh we gotta go, don't worry Mom we will be okay. love to you later. See you in two weeks, oh and Aunt Cinner is the best Aunt in the whole world.....Okay you caught me I put the last line in.

So tell me what you think.


  1. Okay Missy Cinner!!! I'm going with the 3rd Scenario!! He he I'm always up for a game!!
    Love Kathie

  2. I'd say with that guy, and the fun he likes to pull that all three are more than possible and said all in the same conversation. But, most likely it was number three...and most likely, I would have put that line in about how great Aunt Cinner is, as well!

  3. Yeah Kathie and Holly you picked number 3. How right you both were. I swear the young man could be an actor. I hope all three of you had a lovely day.


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