Sunday, August 16, 2009

Do What You Hosta!

A grand Monday Morning , it is the fabulous start of a new day, new week and our forecast is in the mid to high 2o's for the entire week. So if this happens I plan on spending as much time as I can outside. We have just put grey rock all along the sides of the house so that it will keeep some of the dirt down and the weeds too. I am going to have a fabulous day. I am writing this Sunday evening as I have a bit of insomnia, so I thought what a great time to get on my puter. My American Eskimo/corgi/bassett Kula, is laying by my feet snoring, I can hear peaceful music coming from our room. We usually play the music for about an hour at night. I find it very relaxing. Obviously my husband does because 5 minutes later he was snoring up a storm! So jolly good for the house! If your not happy with something, then change it right, I am the only one who can do that. Life is full of growing periods and I really believe with the right attitide that I can accomplish anything. I think on the weekend I had a little bit of a low period. Every once in a while that is bound to happen, but you start another day, pull yourself up by the bootstraps and shake it off. Believe and we can achieve. I always liked that saying!
I believe today is my best day.
I believe making the correct lifestyle changes are of great benefits for me.
I believe I am confident, secure with whom I am, and there will be no power handed over to
I believe I am my own boss, so I can set my own rules.
I believe that drawing is very beneficial to me so that is a priority!
I had a pleasant surprise today, My godchild came for a visit. She is seven and just a little darlin, Her Dad lives right next door so I do get to see her quite a bit. A childs attitude can change your whole attitude. They have so much wonder about everything at that age. She makes me laugh, smile, and tickle her to pieces. She asks me to do it. I made her a little beaded bracelet. She loved it and it had purple beads on it, her favorite color. So all in all it was a very simple day spent with friends and family and we were all on good behavior. LOL.


  1. "A child's attitude can change your whole attitude." I like that Cinner. I think we'll have to add Scotties to that...

    And, the title of this post? LOL That was good. I do love my hostas. I just hosta!

  2. I meant to say in an earlier comment that your fountain area is awesome. I really like your house, the kitchen and the colors and all you yard area. Beautiful place. Natural and lovely. But what is it you are saying, it is in the 20's and you plan on being outside???? Yikes. That is way tooo cold for me. How can you do that? Here's a hug.

  3. your outlook lifts me up !

    and yes...those children..oh how they see life differently !

  4. TechnoBabe, thankyou, i do love my yard and my little house. 20s would be about 80 degrees farenheit...Oh thats nice and warm. Keep in mind in the winter, we have had days -40 with the windshield where you could freeze within a couple of minutes. My nieces boyfriend came from another country last christmas, he was just amazed that we even go outside. Being that cold gets you moving pretty fast.But the air is so fresh! You quickly learn to appreciate wool socks, fireplaces and hot chocolate. Love it. Take care, Have a great one.

    Yes I love children, that is my one regret never having my own, but it was not in the cards, now with my illness I think it was a good thing, but I sure love nieces,newphews. theey just make me smile. I Love when they come for a visit. We don't watch t.v. when they are here. We play, draw, paint, run through the sprinkler, go to the park, etc, set up tents and they have a hayday, eat alot of kraft dinner and hotdogs. I learned quickly that kids don't appreciate that works for me! Have a fabulous day Beth, I meant to tell you how nice it is that your daughter acts as an assistant sometimes to you.That would be great bonding time. Take care my friend,

    Holly we most definately have to add Scotties to this. Some day I want to have a Bassett Hound. They had bassett races in town this weekend. would have been cute to see. some will run, some just sit there and howl. they showed it on t.v. I lmao. Take care. Big Hug.

  5. Happy planting, sugar - it's still too hot to do much during the day, here, but I'm hoping for a lovely, cooling rain that lasts the week.

    I thinned my hostas this spring and handed them out to anyone who'd take 'em...they were getting out of hand!

    I believe in working to live, not living to work, and I believe that one must live a life that nourishes the spirit. I also believe that one cannot be grumpy while blowing bubbles.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  6. Kyddryn, I have never heard that before, that one cannot be grumpy while blowing bubbles, That is the truth. I don't see much change in my hostas from year to year. I think maybe they are in too shady of a space. I hope you get your rain. Take care.

  7. Char your just too kind. Hope you are well, c

  8. What a beautiful way to look at life. And such a lovely evening. The doggy at your feet... bliss~

  9. So glad you're better, Cinner! You are such a bubbly gal, don't let negative thoughts hurt you!
    Dogs, children and some creativity... what's better than this??

  10. mmmmmmmmmmmm Double BB would love this photo ... and having just spent 2½ days with my love, Ciera, I'm totally getting the child attitude thing. But excuse me, did you say the forecast was the high TWENTIES? ack!!

  11. Cinner, I find your attitude so uplifting, a real inspiration to all of us who are blessed to read your blog. Your day sounds wonderful, enjoy........:-) Hugs

  12. Hi Bernie, yes it is a much better day. Life is all about learning, thats what I try to do everyday. Thankyou for always saying such kind things.
    Toni, I was so glad to see you on here, it just made my day, How hot is it there...lord I would have to stay inside really.

    Monica, today is a great day, i am back to normal, after reading some blogs over the weekend, it seems there were a few of us having the blues...your right negativities in my life, not healthy or good..99% of the time I don't let it bug I gotta work on that 1 %,, dogs, children, creating we are extremely lucky. Big hug my friend.

    Christina, I think your attitude is rubbing off on me, because there is never anything at your blog but peace and bliss. I inspire to have your outlook and one day walk at the ocean like you. I cherish you. Big hug.

  13. Thank you for sharing your uplifting words!
    Bravo and keep it up!


  14. Thanks Margie, everytime I see my followers, I
    see your smiling face. You have a beautiful smile you know, Big Hug. all the best,


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