Monday, August 17, 2009

My Perfect World of Imperfections.

I just wanted to show you another view of my yard, some work has been done since this picture and a little cleanup. Apparently I was doing some weedin and had some piles still to pick upbut at
least you kinda get an idea of my yard from this viewpoint. The flowers go all the way down to the end of the yard. I see my fishing net for my pond, I just use it for cleaning it. I had fish the first year and have not had it in me to harm any more fish. The water warms too quickly and my gold fish did not fare too well. I did learn you are supposed to put a pvc pipe at the bottom so there is a cooler area. Hows that for a bit of info. Today I had a great day, my phone did not ring once today, my husband played ball tonight, it was pretty windy so I did not tag along! I am noticing in my world that I am not very particular about perfection, because you see that basket at the back, it needs to go to the shed, etc, etc...Now a thought to ponder...I have everything done with the yard or the house and I am content with things, but suddenly one morning and I haave a new project in mind...where do these thoughts come from...I have lots of fifteen minute jobs that I have started too, but the reality is I don't seem to be a good judge of how long I can do things before I get tired. So, I have learned to love my perfect world of imperfections, that give me peace, strength and to keep me trying to go forward everyday, I don't have one thing to complain about....not for me anyway. Our health care system is taking a beating, and it will only get worse here. I am truly glad I know that my life is great, very few struggles, and if we had no imperfections ever, well would we really be living...One who knows how to show and to accept kindness will be a friend better than any possession, by Sophocles. Remember true friends love our imperfections. All is right with my world! P.S. If I dont have a perfect sleep, I will be demonstrating some imperfections tomorrow...Not to worry that can be fixed with a nap. If only life was always this easy. Have a great day!


  1. Your yard is so lovely Cinner, and the time you spend there must be a real joy for you. You are getting your confidence from within, the only place it can come from. I am so glad I have met you, you are such an inspiration.
    Have a great Tuesday.....:-) Hugs

  2. Bernie, from Spring to winter just about every waking moment is spent outside. my house is only 860 sq. feet. so my yard is really like another room. Have a great Tuesday too. Big Hug.

  3. The only thing about my house that I miss is my yard...all the trees, and birds, and shade.
    Good pics of a great place, Cinner.

  4. I love how imperfectly perfect you are in your world.

  5. Lovely yard Cinner...I don't know where these thoughts come from. I get them all the time too!! Look what I did this weekend LOL When you figure that out Please let me know too :)

  6. Your yard is beautiful and how wonderful that "all is right with your world"
    More ppl in this big wide world should feel that way!

    Have a great day & make it one to remember as it shall never come again!


  7. Margie, I wish everyone could feel this way, I really believe that when I turned 45, it was like I had come into my own. I like that make your day one to remember as it shall never come again...That's why I started following your blog..because of your outlook. Have a great day.

    Crista, good point, were the boys okay with it.Have a great day my friend.

    Holly, you make my world perfecter(I know you are probably cringing as I don't think it is a word, but today it is in my world. lol

    Anne, sometimes I say to my husband we need to get an apartment, but I would miss the yard too much. My husband just laughs at me. This year I just kinda let it go wild and it works for me. Have a great day.

  8. i am a perfectionist by nature, and it is hard to ignore imperfections... but i am trying!

    came over to see you after seeing your comment on beth's.

  9. Kamana, thankyou for coming for a visit. I am going to check your blog too. I used tobe a perfectionist until I realized there was not enough time in a day for me. Take care.

  10. and I was thinking how picturesque your basket back there looks! I don't WANT it to go in the shed, hear? I want to come run thru a sprinkler in your yard, in the same swimsuit I had when I was nine, a one-piece, avocado green with brown vertical strips on the top half and the coolest belt with an avocado green loop ... baby, I was HOT then ... you have the perfect sprinkler yard, and believe me, that is an Ultimate Compliment coming from me.


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