Friday, November 27, 2009

Amazingly Beautiful!

I have been so mesmerized by the sunrises and the sunsets lately.
The days start later and the nights are even earlier!
To me this is one of the most glorious sights in the world,
At the beginning of a new day where there are so many possibilities,
Just imagine how many people look at the sky the same time of the day,
I wonder what thoughts go through their minds.
I wonder how many people are too much in a hurry to take the time to see.
And I wonder how many others would just love to see it just once!
How would you describe it, as the night fades away,
Would you be basking in its glory, with not a thing to say?
I know that I would be thanking God for this most amazing day.
I often think of how many miracles we have every single day,
We just need to look, hear, touch, taste, and smell!
                                             I hope you have your very best day, Be well!


  1. your mind is pure and beautiful. i love dusk. the settling silence, the colours that grace the sky, and my mind that lets go and gently starts wandering...

  2. Seeing the brilliant oranges and browns and blues through the trees in the evening still takes my breath away. It never can be taken for granted and I am grateful to be able to see it and also grateful for an open heart to be able to appreciate it.

  3. Glorious sunset.....and I love thinking of the huge number of people looking up at the same time ......:-) Hugs

  4. This is a beautiful photo...and wonderful words that accompany it.
    My favorite time of the day is the sunset (I'm such a lazy 'gurl' that I rarely see the sunrise...!! )The colors and the peacefulness are inspirational to me.
    I hope that you are having a lovely day today.
    The day after Thanksgiving is a day for rest for me! :))
    Smiles to you from Jackie

  5. we rarely see the sunrise or sunset here....but just the sun, during the day, shining on us is such a blessing.....

  6. I love that beautiful heart of yours. You remind me to be my best.

  7. Happy Holidays Cindy!
    Beautiful photo with wonderful thoughts!

    Blessings to you!

  8. you are so right

    beautiful shot

  9. Hey Cinner, I am loving these sound effects! They are so relaxing and peaceful. Beautiful post!

  10. I usually see glorious sunrises on my way to work and actually do slow down, so I can take it all in. My daughter loves dusk.... when the pinks and oranges of the setting sun are splashed across the sky and the lights of the city begin to twinkle. (Now sunset comes so early, I usually walk out of the school building and into the dark.)

  11. Roban, hi, I am glad you get to see the sunrises, I love them both. By 430 it is dark here now. In the summer we only get about 5 hours of darkness....p.s. I can hardly wait. Take care.

    Hi Joanna, thanks , they are relaxing and peaceful.They have been there all along, It seems to take awhile to load, and I don't know how to remove some off the list. Lord love a duck! Have a wonderful day.

    Cypress Sun, I bet they are beautiful where you live. Take care, have a great day.

    Char, thanks, I will miss your grateful posts. Kinda getting used to them first off in the am. Be well my friend.

    Cora, thanks, Glad to hear you had a lovely Thanksgiving...I will miss your grateful posts too. Take care.

    Christina, I can't imagine you being any better than you already are. You have one beautiful spirit. Love ya.

  12. Beth, any day with the sun is a good one. Hope you had a wonderful visit during the holidays.Have a great day. Big Hug.

    Jackie, hi, glad you get a day of rest after your celebration. Sunday today is our family day, off to see my husbands Mom, and then a football game to watch later, so will get time to rest then. Many blessings to you.

    Shadow, very peaceful, I am glad your mind starts wamdering, because from your mind comes your fabulous poetry. I find it very impressive. You have a way with words, that makes me see so many other things. Love it. Be well.

    Bernie, I like to imagine we all look up and see the same thing...and if we are looking up, nobody is looking down. I can't imagine looking up and feeling down. Big hug to you...don't sell your lovely little yellow car. I love it.

    TechnoBabe, I am so glad that we can appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, and like you said an open heart for all the things we are grateful for. You are one of them. Big hug..

  13. if only those sunrises would come just a wee bit later....


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