Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mooove Over!

I think I would laugh if I knew how many times I have said this phrase this week.
My husband has not been feeling well,
so he has been tossing and turning every night for about a week.
As I am clutching and hanging on for dear life as to not be dropped onto the floor,
I finally say, Please mooooove over,
He rolls over, grumbles and for a moment I am sure that I will be fine!
Then I find myself almost doing a faceplant onto the floor again,
and I realize that both dogs have jumped on the bed, lots of foot space at the bottom.
But they have weasled their way in between us!
Both peaceful and asleep, all stretched out,
I glance over, my husband almost stuck to the wall, and I hear...
Mooooove Over!
That was it,
I kicked both dogs off the bed, pulled my husband from the wall, fixed the blankets,
And laid down thinking, Okay now some sleep.
No wide awake! Then I remembered when we had been out earlier in the day,
Going around the traffic circle we were almost sideswiped by a car, and I said to Wain,
Hey Moooove Over!
Out shopping apparently I had been blocking a man from getting around me,
no not on purpose, and he said, I kid you not,
Can you Mooove Over?
So at  six am I get the giggles thinking about this, and I start laughing but trying to be quiet,
and I giggled and giggled more, my body shaking up and down as I giggled.
And my husband rolls over toward me, opens his eyes and says,
What are you doing? Whats so funny?
Giggling I said, I'll telll you later. Go back to sleep,an hey
Can You Moooove Over?
About a minute later I got up, put the coffee on, and I heard the dogs jump on the bed...
I thought to myself.....I will just leave them.
So about eight oclock I hear,
What the heck, Moooove Over!
I stuck my head in the door and said,
Goodmorning the coffees on!
I giggled as I walked back to the kitchen thinking,
Yes sometimes we all need our own space!
Remember a day without laughter
Is a Day Wasted!
I think I will need a nap today!


  1. How infectious!! The giggles and the laughter...and that you turned what could have been a very annoying moment (or moments!!) into something to laugh about. A day without laughter is not a good day at all..and laughing makes so many things so much more bearable!!

    Hope you make time for that nap...I think you've earned it!! :)

  2. Being able to laugh at the right time can change a tense situation around huh. Good for you that you have perfected that behavior.

  3. Cinner, how funny!! You can laugh in the face of a situation that may have turned to anger. Big fella elbowed me in his sleep the other night. Move over is what i should have said!! Glad to read your words Cinner, they make me smile!

  4. LOL yes we do, it make me think of my niece sleeping with me saturday night and she slept all over me.

  5. Ha! Cinner, I also have learnt to laugh in these situations... as another commenter said being able to laugh makes things more bearable. With this post (and many others!) you truly MADE me laugh!

  6. Oh cinner you have made me smile with your beautiful attitude.....I so love coming to your post and I do hope your husband feels better very soon.....did you get your nap?
    .....:-) Hugs

  7. got me smiling!
    This is cute!

  8. Your smiles come through the post...and I did more than giggle. I found myself mooooving and helping you mooooove the dogs off the bed...This was a great post!! I love it.
    Keep moooovin' my friend.
    Smiles from Jackie

  9. I so know from whence you speak! I often find myself clinging to the edge of the bed..and we don't have any dogs!

  10. Hi Eva, thanks for poppin in, Actually I was sitting today thinking how many times this has happened. When you are clinging to the bed, do you find yourself without covers too. lol. What really gets me is when my Hubby gets up and said he had a wonderful night sleep. Well bless his heart. I will pop by for a visit. Come again.

    TechnoBabe, I don't think I have perfected it yet. How have you been, I am coming to visit tomorrow. I was too busy the last few days and I feel out of touch thats for sure. Take care.

    Sherry lee, laughter is the best medicine, Every sunday night I watch Extreme Makeover, Cry my eyes out, but it is a good cry. Thankful for the laughter and your friendship. Take care. Hope you had a good weekend.

    Jackie , your too cute for words! I am glad you liked the post. I did have a nap today, thank goodness, heres to mooooving and grooovin. Take care. hugs.

    Cora, thanks, I was so glad to hear you had such a great thanksgiving. Be well, by to visit soon.

    Bernie, I did get my nap and then watched the football game. Can't believe the last few minutes. I am originally from Saskatchewan, so was cheering all the way. Did you watch. Hope you enjoyed your day. Big Hug my friend.

    Hi Monica, oh I am glad, I have learned that life is too serious. I do find myself laughing at the silliest stuff that probably is not even funny to someone else. I looked at your shop online when you had the 30 % off. You must have been busy! Do you take it easy for the rest of the holidays?...I just thought remember who I am typing too. You probably have a zillion things going on. Take care.

    Char, oh no, I can tell your an awesome aunt. I so enjoy the times my niece has stayed with me. I will have to post a picture of her in my spare room sleeping on the floor. She will kill me. lol. Take care, Have a good week at work.

    Claire dulalune, You always make me laugh! You should have just elbowed him back...Oh no, thats right were ladies. lol take care my friend.

  11. I know I will need one!!! How funny! You had me giggling too.

  12. well, a laugh out of me you certainly got today! i'm usually the one who's told to mooooove over, since i take up all the space with spread-eagled arms and legs and i have to leave a space for the pup too, heee heee heee

  13. Hi Cinner, I found you via Joanna at 50 Factor. I'm glad I did. I like your attitude and you helped me change by mooooood with laughter! Thanks!

  14. This was a funny story, totally relate to getting the giggle about something that a happened or keeps happening after it's happened.
    Everyone but dogs and kids seem to like a little bit of space.

  15. What I would give to say that to a man in my bed, instead of the dog, cat, daughter...

    I find myself saying "move it" more often than not but that is because the animals think they must be under foot or I will forget them. I can handle it most of the time but when it happens on the stairs, carrying a basket full of laundry I can get a little testy.

    I love that you get the giggles so early in the morning.

  16. Jen thanks for visiting, I see what you I guess I am lucky I have no stairs in my house...oh, I can get the giggles just about any time. It drives my husband crazy, sometimes I know he is thinking whats with her. I love him dearly!Take care, I will stop by for a visit.

    Hi Liss, I bet you must of had some laughter on your trip. wow, those roos would get me I think. Heres to many more giggles for both of us.

    Hi P.J. Oh I am glad you had a laugh. sometimes thats all we need to turn things around. I am so glad you came over from Joannas. I am always glad to meet new people and have you join me here. I will come for a visit in the next few days. Take care.

    Shadow, you make me laugh, I can just see you. I don't think I move around too much. I wear a cpap machine for sleep apnea, so if I do move, picture me with a hose wrapped around my head....there must be a poem in there somewhere. lol.

    Slommler...SueAnn,I think any day is a good day for a nap, so glad to make you have a laugh. Thanks for coming by and visiting. Take care.

  17. Oh Cinner you are soooo patient :)
    I love my sleep and being woken several times in the night would make me cross :(

    I struggled when I had a baby being woken in the night for a year... sleep is precious :)

    love to you
    you made me smile xoxo Ribbon

  18. Move over and I'll take a nap with you!

    Oh, Cinner, that is a riot! Just so you know, we have a King bed and the dern Scotties are tiny compared to your dogs and STILL they find a way to make it so Michael and I are on the edge of the bed!

    Fer the love of GAWD, dogs move the hell over!

  19. are a patient not so much. I'm pretty laid back ...except when I can't sleep. So when my sweet DH turned out to bea thrashing snorer..LOL..we eventually choose diferent rooms. He gets his space and I get mine..we frequently share space (hee hee)but it works..strage but it works:)


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