Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This, That and No Pics!

Good Morning Everyone, December 1.
It always makes me happy because this month flies by
And that makes it so much closer to Spring!
Yesterday we had a beautiful snow, great big fluffy flakes
that make you want to go outside, stick out your tongue and try to catch them.
Of course its not the most challenging game in the world,
but your out in the fresh air, if  I could do  a back flip and then catch snow flakes,
well that would be something! I am kidding it was your perfect snow!
Happy Birthday to my little sister
I hope you have an awesome day and that Rod spoils you.
Your gift is here when you come next week.
I started decorating yesterday for Christmas
so will try and finish that today.
Otherwise I am turning the t.v. on to the Fireplace Channel
and going to sit and do some reading.
Feeling rather tired today.
But I still have to have my morning coffee!
I could not upload any pictures this morning on blogger,
it was not for the lack of trying though.
I hope you are all doing something special today!
Enjoy the season, a smile can go a long, long, way!


  1. hello dear sister, thankyou so much for the birthday wishes. Rod is spoiling me I had breakfast in bed and now we are just reading your blogs and laughing. I can't wait to see you on monday, as far as my gift goes you are already a gift to me. love you talk soon.

  2. We had snow off and on all day yesterday as well and it was so pretty but boy is it cold this morning.....December 1st already, time goes by so fast.......:-) Hugs

  3. beautiful bits and pieces! :) I love the look of snow outside the window but I'm definitely a warm weather girl.

    hope you have a beautiful day.

  4. Warm weather girl here too!! Had some snow too and as far as I am concerned; that is enough for the rest of the season. LOL!! And boy is it ever cold.

  5. Yes, a cup of coffee, reading, peace and quiet. Just my cup of tea, erm, coffee.

  6. I will save that chasing snowflake game for a few months if I can...mother nature is probably laughing at me right now for even having thought that, let alone writing it out for everyone to see.....

    I mean really....I do live in wisconsin, but I can pretend to live in alabama with char :)

  7. I'd love to see snow...and it's actually possible down here this week! But real snow...that would be sweet. enjoy!

  8. Wish I had my decorations up...but I won't be doing much this year. We will be out of town this year for Christmas!

    Check out my give-away!

  9. You're quite right about white, all is so special in white. So bright and pure and clean!
    Ohhh.... snooowwwww! Love it! And can't wait to see your decorations!
    Take care, take your time, Cinner.

  10. I love all the snow stories that I get to read on Blogger through my blogging friends....and the snowy backgrounds on your pages...
    To catch a snowflake would be soooo much fun.
    I'd love to SEE one. It's cloudy here today..
    Maybe??? Snow?? Nope, I think it has to be a little cooler than 60 degrees at night...whaddya think...sigh.
    Happy Birthday to your sister!! I hope it was a glorious one for her.
    Smiles to you!

  11. Jackie, 60 degrees sounds wonderful to me. I am glad you get to see all our pictures. It is like today I was looking at someones season in California, looks so odd to see a Christmas tree without snow...although everyone was out in shorts and tshirts.

    HI Monica, pretty soon I will do a post , the day got away again on me. Take care

    Cora, hi I did enter your giveaway. It would be so fabulous if I got lucky. I was not sure whether I was going to put up a tree, but I did, so now I am glad it is up. We are staying here too with all of my husbands family. I can't believe how fast the time is flying by.

    Cypress sun, maybe we could trade just for a couple days, lol

    Beth, thats what we need to do travel to Alabama! Char should let us in!

  12. Happy Birthday to your sis. and Happy December.

    btw, your artwork is amazing.

  13. TechnoBabe, what a nice way to start your day. take care.

    Char, maybe we can switch. lol. Take care.

    SueAnn girlfriend me too, it can stop now until next year. the power of positive thinking. Take care.

  14. Se'lah, Thank you so much! Hope you are well.


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