Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Behind Closed Doors!

This is one of my favorite photos,
My first attempt at blogging,
 The name was Behind Closed Doors!
I guess maybe a little like Alice in Wonderland!
I have often wondered what is behind the door, and how much behind would people really let us see!
I also like color doors because I feel that vibrant people live behind them!
Oh the stories that could be shared sitting on those stairs.
the happy moments!
We sat on the stairs, we looked nothing alike.
I drank coffee, he was smoking a cigar,
He had an accent, I don't think I do!
He told me of his family, his kids were all at school, his wife was working,
I told him I had no children, was married and that I should live somewhere with a big garden,
He said we had nothing in common, I said oh yes we do we like to talk.
He just kind of looked at me, and then the most boisterous laugh, and I laughed with him.
Hmmm, our laugh was the same,
He told me stories of his brother dying and other hardhip that had occurred in his life.
I told him about the loss of my good friend a year earlier,
He reached out his hand, had tears in his eyes. and I had tears in my eyes.
A tear fell on each cheek,
Hmmmm, we cried the same.
 I smiled at him and said we both were pretty sappy today,
We both smiled, our smiles were very similar.
Just a few moments with a stranger, and although
we looked nothing alike, we shared laughter,
tears and smiles and pain.
I hope this season you reach out to strangers, as we don't know their circumstances,
even just a brief moment of chatter can be a highlight of someones day.
Even a smile, a wave, a hello,
all it takes is just a little effort.
It is about doors we open and close in our life
and a door can always be revisited
and reopened, just like our hearts.



  1. oh how I love me a stranger....thanks for the reminder though !

  2. oh, love the shot and the side-by-side stuff. great write too.

  3. I like the way you show the two doors (and yes, the vibrant colors are great)and apply the open door concept to reaching out to others. Nice.

  4. I want to have both you and him over to sit on my back porch. I'll serve the beverages of your choice...

    I was there with you. I LOVED it as much as I enjoyed the photo. Encore!

  5. I sat behind you both and shed some tears. Laughed a little too! Now I am sorry that it had to end. I agree; to share your smile and a simple conversation can make all the difference in someone's life! Thank you for the sweet story.

  6. A smile is infectious and always should be passed on....I loved the time you spent with this stranger and how you were able to recognize the likness you had and not the differences.....you validated someone today cinner.....a good day indeed.........:-) hugs

  7. just found you off char's blog.

    Love the photo and the words :)

  8. What an amazing moment! And this is one to be treasured. Thank you for sharing this...and a wonderful lesson.

  9. OMGosh...how sweet....I love how you found ways you were alike....so sweet.
    Lovely my friend!

  10. Hi Cora, different days, different steps, different doors, always will be similarities.

    Caroline, hi, we all have so many moments, this time of year seems to make us more aware of them.

    Widge, welcome, so nice you came over from Chars blog, I was surprised to see my name over there. I will be sure to check out your blog. Take care.

    Bernie, hi you know the thing I miss the most about working was talking to strangers and feeling like we had known each other forever.I hope you are well. take care, by to visit soon.

    SueAnn, would'nt it be nice if it were that easy. my steps are always open, just different doors. Take care.

    P.J. I think we all need to have a chat with friends on the steps, My back yard is always available too. Take care,c

    Beth, yes I love me a stranger too! lol.

    Char, thanks, I was surprised to see my name on your blog today. I hope you enjoy.

    TechnoBabe, thanks. I could see us sitting and having a chat too. have a great day.

  11. I cannot decide which I like more the story or the photo!!

  12. HI CINNeR-

    Beautiful story - beautiful colors - beautiful advice - beautiful YOU

    Love Gail

  13. Gail, your the beautiful one, let me know how your mom is doing when you get the tests back, praying for you and your family.

    elk, thanks, I love when you drop by, take care.


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