Thursday, December 3, 2009

All over the Map!

Oh, to be in love at Christmas is Just true Bliss.
This is my younger sister and her fiance that was taken in the fall.
I think between the two of them they said they had 17 sets of lights to go on the tree.
I said, oh no it is not going to happen, and doing the dance....I was right.
The thing I love about these two is that they both love the holidays as much as the other does!
I really believe they have more fun than the children, oh I better say young men in the household,
I have to be careful in case those young men know how to read.LOL!
Of course they do!
Whatever happened to regular comic characters,
Sponge Bob Square Pants and Captain Underpants!
Imagine telling your children my favorite comic hero was Captain Underpants!
Myself I liked that Big Rooster on the Bugs Bunny show!
I guess I did not like him enough or maybe I would remember the name of the Rooster!
........Times they are a changing!
I know I am just rambling on but you see I woke up this morning and I must have larengitis now
because I can hardly talk.
Do you know how quiet it can be when you can't answer yourself?
So with a million and one things to do today,
I laid on the couch and watched movies,
and I did absolutely nothing else!
I don't want to be overrun with things to do this season,
I just want to enjoy the season every day!
Maybe it is selfish of me, but I don't want,
Busy, Busy, Busy,,,,what happened to Christmas!
So tonight is a hot bubblebath,
a cup of lemon neocitren,
and then off to la la land for moi.
I hope I dream of my sister coming to visit me next week.
As long as the roads are good!
That is the plan!
Some may wish you happiness,
Some may wish you wealth,
All I wish for you, is what you wish yourself!


  1. Hey sweetie were you thinking of Leghorn? Loved him!
    Hope your throat is better ...... :-) Hugs

  2. Yes Bernie, thats it, why couldn't I think of the name. Thanks Bernie, Take care.

  3. foghorn leghorn! LOL a good southern boy he was.

    love is very lovely

  4. I do hope that you and your sister enjoy a visit together. I love the photo that you posted of her and her fiance.
    Take care of your voice....and have sweet dreams tonight.
    P.S. My favorite cartoon was Popeye. :))
    Smiles to you from Jackie

  5. Ah! Love..especially new wonderful! What a sweet picture. Sounds like your sister and her new finance are having a blast! Good to hear! I know what you mean about this time of year...we get so busy that it just flies by. You have the right idea! Enjoy your bubble baths! Hope you feel better very soon!
    I had to laugh when you said how quiet it was when you couldn't answer yourself. So true!! LOL!

  6. PS. I love your blog template. I need a new one! Where did you get yours?
    Thanks and hugs

  7. My hero was The Lone Ranger. Loved that show. I hope your voice comes back soon. I know hubby will miss hearing your sweet voice.

  8. It was Fog Horn Leg Horn! What a dumb name really!....I like those too! My daughter who is 24 says that her children (yet to have any) will not watch the comics of today!!....
    Hope you enjoyed the bubblebath..sounds good and warm!
    Happinesss to you!

  9. To be in love is truly a precious gift and I think their Holiday season will be nothing less than amazing. I hope the roads stay good so you can see your sister. Keep relaxing chores can wait, this is a time to enjoy and do the thinks you want not the things you have to do.


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