Friday, December 4, 2009

Northern Lights

Have you ever seen the Northern Lights!
It really is spectacular, and none of them ever look alike.
The snow takes on reflections from the sky twinkling and sparkling in different colors and hues,
It is so bright, wolves often can be heard in the distance.
I have seen it once, beautiful.
The farther North you go the more beautiful!
I did this drawing on paint on the computer tonight
and it does not do justice for the real thing!


  1. whoa....what ?
    you painted that on the !

    and I don't think I have ever seen the northern lights....

    just bright stars.....that make me all dreamy...

  2. beautiful painting!! I would love to see the lights - i bet is a miracle to see them in their glory.

  3. You captured the northern lights perfectly!!!! Paint that for real wouldya and then maybe possibly ship it to me so I can hang it in my house ;oP

  4. p.s. quarter to 4 in the morning?! Trouble sleeping hey lady

  5. Seeing the Northern Lights is on my Bucket List.
    Smiles from Jackie

  6. What a great picture you painted, I tried and can't even write my name on the computer, oh you are so smart.
    Living in Alberta I see the beautiful northern lights very often and love, love them...:-) Hugs

  7. Yes I have seen them and they are awe inspiring. What a beautiful painting you have created. And on the computer?? Oh my!! I can only dream.


    Your painting is SO beautiful. And so welcoming and enticing. I have always wanted to see the 'Northern Lights' and now I feel like I have, through your creative expression.

    Love to you

  9. Gail, hi, my picture does not even come close, it just leaves you breathless. we are in the midst of a blizzard here today. you would not believe it if you could see it. I went out 4 times to shovel today trying to help my husband.I be really careful out there! love to you to, hope you are well.

    SueAnn, They are beautiful aren't they. The picture took me awhile on the computer. I like fooling around with it though. I hope you are having a great day.

  10. Bernie, we are lucky living in Alberta, and I can even say that today even in this snowstorm. It is supposed to let up so I have my heater on, hot chocolate and I am a big ole bear hibernating. Take care Bernie, be careful if your out on those roads.

    Jackie, that is a great thing to have on your bucket list. I need to revisit mine again I think. Did you see that movie. It was great! Take care Jackie, I hope you are well.

    J.S. Oh my sleep is all outa wack again, every time the medicine is changed, so I just sleep when I can. Maybe you will get one of these paintings for Christmas. Have you been a good girl! lol.

  11. Char if you were taking photos, you would just be in heaven. I was at an art show last summer and there was a fellow doing some paintings of them. beautiful. He lives way up north. The farther you go the nicer they are. Hope you are well. It is a blizzard here today so I am hibernating. take care.

    Beth, hi oh I like the stars too, but all I know is the North Star and the Big Dipper. You would be so inspired taking shots up north. I am sure you could find an old cabin or two to investigate. Take care, I hope you had a great day!

  12. How do you do art as good as this on the computer????? I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights. I think they are fascinating.
    Here I enjoy the little walk through the front yard to the mail box and my eyes are searching the skies the whole time, some day I May trip on something because I don't look where I am going.
    The colors in the sky are so beautiful.

  13. Oh I would love to see!! Maybe some day. Great job with the painting on the computer!!

  14. Hi Gayle, there are so many Places I would love to see, like you I say maybe one day! Keep the faith!

    TechnoBabe, hello! I go into photoimpression4 which is some kind of layering that can be done with photos...I don't know how to do that. There is an airbrush and a paint/draw part. I use the airbrush and then I use a pencil to highlight what I want to highlight. I have definately gotten better at it. You should have seen some of my first. stick Be careful going to that mailbox. lol.I hope one day you get to see them...btw thanks for the tip on using smaller plates.wonderful idea that I am now using. take care. we are in the midst of a blizzard so will be in the house all weekend. I can't believe how much snow has fallen in the last few days....winter is definately here to stay now. have a great weekend, thanks for coming by for a visit. Take care.

  15. I have seen the midnight sun but not the northern light. I think enduring the cold weather would be totally worth the experience this wonderful event.

  16. One of my dreams is to see Aurora in person. It is spectacular.

    Beautiful painting here.

  17. Liss you can see it in the summer when it is plus 30. We are snowed right in here. its crazy. My sister in law and mother in law can't even get across the city to come for supper tomorrow. So we are all hibernating. lol. I hope you get to see those lights one day. Take care.

    Se'Lah I sure hope you get the chance one day. Like I said to Liss come in the summer, we had at least a foot of snow yesterday. I don't mind it...sure gets us moving when we go outside. LOL. take care. I love all you do with your blog and your heart.

  18. love the northern lights as well...we do not see them much in TEXAS..what a cute picture cinnner


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