Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas In My House.

Christmas In My House!
Remember my house is 860 square feet.
A husband and wife, two dogs, a cat, and a bird,
my sister brought her four and a greyhound and a little shitzu.
and we had company as well.
It can be a very happy house!
One thing I have learned over the years is to keep a stock on those lint brushes.
As the guests leave the house they are dehaired!
Which brings quite a few more drama episodes all on their own.
My favorite part of Christmas
is putting up the tree.
And then into my box of treasures.
My angel was given to me by my late Aunt Gladys!
She was so special too me.
I also have some old ones from my ex Mother in Law.
Bless her heart..
One of my friends made some oragami  ornaments.
Others, angels, a silver first christmas in our new home.
There is not one that as I unwrap them don't bring back memories,
Every one I hold in my hand, a part of a friend, or family member.
Many happy moments!
Sports ornaments for my husband made out of salt cookie dough,
There is nothing fancy about my tree, there is not a theme,
It is just filled with little treasures of love.
And to me it is the most beautiful tree in the world
because of my treasures
and because of the love.
This year I found a little blue tin box,wrote a six page letter to my Dad,
wrapped it in a ribbon, and placed it on the tree.
It  was to symbolize that my Dads love is still here with us,
And he has an ornament that is always on the tree!
Even though we miss him we are determined to have a wonderful Christmas!

This is another of my favorite Christmas ornaments,It also was the first Christmas ornament that I bought!
Have fun decorating, we are snowed in so we are going to finish some stuff tomorrow!
I do wish you all a joyous Season, one filled with love and friends and families!
My wish for Christmas is that My Mom will not miss my Dad too much,
May we all reach out to those that are alone, to the unfortunate,
Keep our hearts open to the miracles that might be right in arms reach!
Sometimes we don't find them they find us without us even knowing!
Life is truly amazing!
I hope you all have your very Best Day


  1. What a nice way to remember your dad. I have a special photo I did of mine that is a tribute to let him know he is still thought of. I too hope my mom won't miss him too much this year. I just love Christmas! To me the whole holiday is a gift of Love!!! From Him to us and from us to Him and all our friends and family. What a joyous time. We are getting snowed in as well so we are working on cards and wrapping presents. What fun...fireplace is roaring and wine has been poured. Beautiful!

  2. My favorite Christmas trees are always what I call 'family trees' bearing ornaments with history and sentiment.

    My sister lives in an 850 sq ft house, so I'm first-hand familiar with the space constraints!

    My beloved father-in-law just came back from the crematorium this week and you have inspired me with a way to remember him. Thank you!

  3. I really like the letter to your dad and including it on the tree. And remembering the people who don't have what they need. We can all share after all it doesn't belong to us, it is for everyone, we just use what we need and pass along the rest, right?

  4. my house isnt all that big either... i understand the space constraints all too well, especially having two very active children around!

  5. Kamana, I bet they keep you busy. The holidays are always so great if you have children with you. There is no limit on their excitement is there.Take care.

    TechnoBabe, I wrote the letter in the middle of the night, was just sobbing at the end, put it together on the tree and I feel at peace. I really don't remember everything I said in the letter, but I poured out my heart and now its a treasure. One day I will open it and read it again. I like that using what we need and passing along the rest. You are awesome my friend.

    P.J. I am so sorry for your loss, my prayers to you and your family! I am glad I inspired you in some way. And yes I love the family tree, with history and sentiment. I too was very close to my father in law, cherish your wonderful memories my friend. They are what keeps us going, that and our faith. Big Hugs.

    SueAnn, I can just see you all wrapping gifts with the fireplace and the wine! This weekend we have been watching movies, and in all honesty have not gotten alot done. My hope is for today to get into high gear, although I have not seen that in a while. I love Christmas too! I did the same thing with my Dads picture, and some poems, etc and put it all in a frame as a tribute as well. And I hope that your Mom does not miss him to much.
    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers...No more sad thoughts today, have an awesome day and keep up with your celebrations. what the heck have some more wine. I wish I had some here, its going to be a hot chocolate kind of day. Take care. big hugs.

  6. Your decorations are lovely Cinner. As are you thoughts. *hugs* Our posts are very similar today. :) Love ya!

  7. cinner, I love your Christmas tree and all the memories it holds for have made me smile and feel the Christmas spirit with this post.......:-) Hugs

  8. I bet your little house has more love than many of the mansions we see on fact, I know it does.....

    because you have more love in your heart than most people have ever even dreamed of.....

  9. I know what you mean about your tree. Putting it up is a time to get sentimental and unwrap some memories! Like you each ornamnet is special....

  10. Cora, I know a couple people that throw theirs out and get all color coordinated which can be beautiful too. but I just can't do it. We had Christmas music all day and about a foot of snow, so it really feels like Christmas! Love to you, I knew you would be sentimental about your ornaments. I can tell by your heart that I feel in every post. Love to you.

    Beth, your a darling! My perfect house would be the one in your picture. that would be heaven. I have it right beside my tree. When do you put up your stuff. I am thrilled for you about your post today. Your the one with the love in your heart my friend....okay both of us! lol

    Bernie, I am glad, did you manage to keep warm in this snow. the city probably won't be cleaning any sidestreets yet, so I might be here until Spring! LOL. take care Bernie, love to you.

    Sara, we were two peas in a pod this morning!I got most of my cards done today, it would be nice to have children around at Christmas as you have. We will see if our minds collide again with a post. lol. love ya too.

  11. I too have a tree full of memories!! I just love that you wrote a letter to your dad and put it in a box on the tree!! I might just take your idea and do that too!

  12. Oh Cinner what a beautiful post hon..what a beatuiful tree! I love doing up the house every year..wonderful fun. Our dog sheds enough to make a new dog every week..LOL!
    I posted my Quilting Bee before I read this post...the end of it just touched similar to what I wrote about this week. Hugs to you hon..I so love having met you here! Hugs, Sarah

  13. Hello sister, I love your tree. It is beautiful. Every ornament on my tree means something special too and this year the love of my life added his ornaments too. Everyone with a story too. I think that sas something about a person, like tonight we watched a Feel good Christmas movie on Tv. As i looked over during one of those fuzzy moment feeings I saw my sweety smileing with happiness also. He has such a kind heart and it is so easy to see. We are surrounded by so many gifts everyday. I love the idea what you did with a letter for dad. I have a picture ornament that I am going to put his picture in. Have a great day and enjoy your tree and all its glory.

  14. Thanks Penquin, It is too bad you can not come here tomorrow, but there will be other days. I will call you in the morning. love you.

    Sarah,I Love having met you. There have been a few of us that seem to have a similar post, makes my heart sing. I am coming by to read yours. Did you get your hair done on the 5th. how did it turn out. Love you my friend!

    Gayle, yes definately take the idea. There have been so many of us that have had losses this year. Glad you treasure your ornaments.Big hug my friend.


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