Monday, December 7, 2009

Bears, Angels, Children at Christmas!

Is this not the most precious little bear you ever did see?
I found her at a thrift store for about two dollars,
The fabric of the dress has little bears on it,
as well as lace trimming on the bottom.
I also love the little crocheted lace collar.
When I found her in one of my boxes tonight I was so thrilled!
I have decided I am going to keep her!
Now I just need a name!

I have three blogs that have the neatest items.
All of the blogs are listed on my sidebar.
You will not be dissapointed if you visit the following three!
1. Monica at The White Bench
2. Karen at Cider Antigues
3. Janet at Shabbyfufu

These are some of the other little friends, I have Silly Snowman all decked out ready to go skating,
You can not live in Canada without a pair of skates!
There is Pauly the Polar Bear whom is quite cuddly and sleepy.
Then there is Stewie Bear. He stole my scarf.
Violet Bear is going to a little girl next door.
My favorite one with the lace is going to be named Precious!

One of my girlfriends had about 100 bears,
when she moved into a smaller place,
she took them all to a Childrens hospital here in the city.
I knew she was going to miss her collection,
but she never said a thing other than the smiles on their faces, were worth everything to her.
One of my sisters friends, Kathy donates five hundred dollars every Christmas.
I am not sure to  which organization but the money is spent buying food and gifts for a selected family!
And that is how Kathy celebrates Christmas,
There really are a lot of angels in the world!
Sometimes they find us
and Sometimes we find them!
May your day be filled with peace and happiness,
and have you very Best Day Ever!


  1. Precious is adorable!! All you little friends must make you smile every time you look at them. What a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas. Giving to others. That is what this holiday is all about in my opinion. Merry Christmas!!

  2. Sounds fab - nothing makes me smile more than people who give to others - especially at Christmas.

  3. Giving is loving....How wonderful to share with others.
    I love bears and stuffed animals. I have a collection that used to belong to my daughter.
    Precious is just that: precious.

  4. Angels are around us all the time...some we know about, some we never hear about. Giving and sharing is what this season is all about...and it's important to take that meaning with us throughout the year.

    Your bear is adorable..I'm loving the lace around the neck!

  5. The way I look at life is that all the things we have belong to all of us, we can't hold tight to anything. People mean more than things. I like that you are sharing the Violet Bear. I can understand your feeling in finding the treasure at the thrift store, Precious is so sweet.

  6. you are a kind soul, giving and sharing is what it is all about, isnt it?

  7. beautiful find!!! i hope you're having a beautiful day. I look at my carved madonna everyday and it makes me smile as I think of you. You are a beautiful soul.

  8. Sharing is what it's all about! We pick stars off trees on the bulletin board at church. On the back of each star is a gift the child wants, their name and age. we buy the gifts and return them to the church and they deliver them to the children's home. It so rewarding to know that you are making someone's Christmas special.

  9. Oh this is wonderful! I had a neighbor (who sadly passed last year) that bought all these bears at various thrift stores. She even wrote 2 darling children's books called "The Thrift Store Bears." This post reminds me of Olive, such a dear soul, and just made my day.

  10. I receive so much when I am blessed enough to share with others, I sponser a family each year at Christmas and it just fills my heart to be able to give them a little joy.
    Love your bears, I could give you about 50 more. I use to collect them and they are packed away in a box somewhere....:-) Hugs

  11. Hi Cinner, I wanted to come over and wish you a happy holiday season:-). Here in the south, we have too many homeless during the winter months~as they come down seeking warmer nights. They always need angels and blankets and they are how I give back:-)~xo~Janet

  12. Hi Janet, if I was homeless I would go somewhere warmer too. minus 30 here last night with about 650 in the hope shelter. Your Christmas decorations are just beautiful, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

    Bernie, I like your new picture, I finally figured out the snow on my blog today. only 3 weeks, ha ha! That is great that you sponsor a family Bernie. I do what I can but it never seems to be enough.

    Caroline, oh I am glad I reminded you of Olive. How amazing to have written two books! The blogs I mentioned usually have bears on them, all vintage bears, beautiful stuff, so I felt blessed to find this little one.

    Cora I really like that idea of the stars on the trees with a name on the back. It is a wonderful idea.

    Char if you were here today, you would be hiding in the house in flannel pjs with a housecoat and a scarf, probably leg warmers. Man I forget how cold it gets here sometimes, and it is not even cold compared to way up north. only minus 30. I am so glad you liked her, I thought you might since you commented twice about her. I always like my art to go to a good home. Are you like that. Take care have a good day.

    Kamana, I am only as kind as the people I surround myself with. They are the ones that make me want to be better!Like you my friend.

    TechnoBabe, She is precious isn't she! She made me smile a few times today. People are all more precious than things. When I worked in Retail, I worked every 24th and 26th. when I think of all the Christmases I did not go home because of work, it makes me cringe! and now my Dad is not here! there is nothing more than our loved ones...I guess I am growing up! sometimes lifes lessons are hard!

    Sherry Lee, I am sure there are angels all around us. You love the little lace crocheted collar reminds me of all my doilies I like. And a friend about 15 years younger said one day, oh my Grandma had all of these too. and I thought okay darling your aging me. lol.

    Eternally distracted, nothing makes me smile more than when I read a post of yours like last night. I about fell off my chair. I love someone that says exactly what they think. Your a treasure.

    SueAnn, yes I love me little friends, Christmas is giving and sharing, i wish we could carry this feeling all year round without the commercialism. Take care.

  13. Jackie, it is nice you still have things from your daughter. I wish I would have saved some stuff when I was a kid....p.s. I have no more room for even one let alone 50. lol. take care.

  14. It's a lovely bear! I didn't realise how small it is until I looked at that second photo. Very cute. And I love the dress!

  15. Cinner, this was soooo thoughtful of you! THANK YOU!!!
    What sweet cuties under your tree :))))

  16. Thank you for mentioning my blog. Always room for teddy bears at my place :) How are you holding up with all this snow? We might get just as much again tomorrow! It was a "snow day" here in Ottawa today. Hopefully it will slow down tomorrow. Karen


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