Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So Very Thankful Christina!

I was so excited when I opened my mail today! This was sent to me
from Christina from Soul Aperture
Thank you so very much Christina. It so brightened my day.
Our weather was minus 30 so this beautiful picture of the rose
made me smile today, and I could almost smell it.
As well I made my wish, closed my eyes and spun around
and then I ate some cookies, thinking of your post earlier in the day.
Thank you so much again. It will be treasured!
If you are not familiar with Christina, you need to visit the above link.
During the month of October she had posts for Breast Cancer Awareness,
and I was one of two lucky winners.
Christina is a fabulous photographer, mother,wife, culinary goddess, just to name a few.
This woman has the warmest, kindest, most considerate attitude of anyone I have probably met.
As well she has a great sense of humor!
She is well known for
Bliss, Swoon, and One Love!
Please have a visit with her, you will not be sorry!
I may not be around for the next few days as I am getting an unexpected visit
from my Mom!
I will be on a cleaning frenzy in the morning and will be back
here as soon as she is gone.
P.S. I am in big trouble, she is bringing 2 coolers of desert!
Please pray for me!

Take care and Have Your Best Days Ever!


  1. What a neat card, Cinner! That rose could be smelled for sure!!
    Have fun with your Mother!

  2. 2 coolers of dessert??? my mum sent me a huge box of pumpkin halwa today... so delcious yet so fattening. i know your concern. sending you lots of luck your way...

  3. Love the rose! It is beautiful! Mom's coming with desserts is always dangerous. Also the cleaning frenzy! LOL! When my mom comes; as soon as she enters the doorway I had her a cleaning cloth. That way she can clean to her hearts content. Might as well let her...she will anyway.

  4. You lucky thing that is a lovely picture.

  5. I'm happy you were lifted and warmed by the lovely rose picture. It's the littlest things that can make the biggest difference, is it not?

  6. What a pretty picture to get in the mail!! Enjoy the time with your mother.

  7. YaY.......don't you just love it?!?!?!
    Christina is so so sweet.....I just love her too! :)
    Have a wonderful time with your mom! Savor the moments!

  8. Oh yay!!! It arrived!!!
    Hugs and love to you!
    Have some dessert for me!!!
    Oh you are a beautiful. beautiful soul!
    SWOON~ ; )

  9. lucky you!!! and I agree - Christina is the bestest - just like you.

  10. Have a wonderful time with your mom and those desserts, Cinner! (hugs)

  11. Oh how lovely, I love pink! Enjoy your mom's visit, the unplaned ones are the best of visits always......:-) Hugs


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