Thursday, April 15, 2010

Odds and Sods

This is a faux stained glass window I did in my kitchen window.
I have learned so much since this one,
but it is one of my favorites,
It faces East so when the light hits it, it just sparkles!
Today I am cleaning house because the next 4 days are supposed to be gorgeous.
Perfect for the weekend. I swear I can already feel the warmth of the sun on my body.
Okay I am just a bit ahead of myself at six in the morning...
My younger sister returned from Mexico late last night,
so I should get a phone call and hear all about her fun.
She was only gone a week, but  I sure missed her phone calls.
She only lives 3 hours away, so hopefully I will get to see her soon.
Hint, hint, if your reading this, little Miss Thing.
I have to go and get new glasses,
I am hoping to do that sometime this week.
I have even had out a magnifying glass this week,
yes that is how bad it has gotten.
So I am off to get a jump on my day,
as nap time will be about 9 am, 12 and 3 today.
I am trying to take shorter naps to see how that will work for me.
When it is so nice, if I miss any of them, then the next few days 
are all out of wack for me, 
I hope you have a great day,
Enjoy the sunny weather,
the fresh Spring Air,
and be you
and  Embrace
your day.


  1. the window is beautiful. I fully intend to go out and enjoy the springtime. Hope you have a good day!

  2. WOW - you did that?
    Enjoy the beautiful spring day, Cinner!

  3. Love that window Cinner!!! And I can feel that warmth too!! Even at 6AM; you knew it was going to be there!! Just for you!!! I hope the shorter naps work for you. Hate to see you have lousy days.
    Be well!
    Hugging you

  4. i know you will love hearing from her. hope you enjoy your day.

  5. Kelsey was so jealous, she said Luis was having dinner with her Mom in Mexico. She can't wait until he gets here!

  6. Your faux stained glass window is just beautiful, Cinner! Wish it were mine!

  7. The window is great. Is there a kit? Give us the scoop when you feel like it, please.

  8. TechnoBabe, A friend of mine bought me the kit. In my next post I will explain it and show you, very easy to do. There is the bigger one listed above under my art with the magnolias.
    I am off outside in a bit, it is gorgeous here. take care, have a great day/

    Wanda, it is so easy to do, I will post about it. Have a fabulous day.

    Nurses Curses, oh I bet, does she know if he is coming yet. I need to phone to you all.

    Char, I talked to her about an hour and really never said anything. we usually talk a couple of times a day. love the sister thing. take care, have a great weekend.

    SueAnn, hoping it might help, huge headache today, I think from not enough sleep today...I have to try to see if it will work. have a great weekend. It is supposed to be 20 plus here this weekend. so picture me doing a happy take care.

    Anne, yeah the bigger one is listed under my art tab at the top. I am going to post about it, so easy to do. always doing something to keep from

    Iasa, thank you. to me there is nothing like being outside. I grew up on a farm, one day I want to be on an acreage where it is so peaceful. I live in an older part of the city, so lots of trees and birds,,,,brings me great joy and peace. hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the sun. Be well my friend.

  9. i'm the same way....i have to get my work done in order to play outside....well, most of the time it works that way :)

  10. Oh, please, in the midst of all that doing today, would you add accepting a big hug from me?

  11. Holly, most definately. I was trying to have shorter naps but did not wake up so now it is 518 and I am just on my way outside now. hope your having a great day.

    Beth, well at least the work is done for the weekend, I will get to sit outside the next 3 days though. Have a great weekend.

  12. cinner, your window is really pretty, you can do such beautiful things my friend, oh well some people are just pure talent, I don't know where I was that day that God passed out talent but obviously no where in sight.
    It was nice today wasn't it and I too am looking forward to the weekend.
    Hope you were able to speak with your sister.
    ..........:-) Hugs

  13. a friend got a kit for the kids... window painting. so much fun.

  14. Oh, it is simply gorgeous!!! You have so much talent for so many things!!! What a treasure you are! I hope you had a wonderful and productive day! Love, Janine XO

  15. Janine, hi, I had a wonderful day, not the most productive...but that is okay. up early and the sun is shining again...always makes me a happy camper. have a great weekend.

    Kamana, yes it is fun, have a great weekend. take care. Hugs to you.

    Bernie, you make me laugh, look at your home, how beautiful it is, talent got you in the decorating part and the most important, your kind and loving heart. Have a great weekend, enjoy the sun is shining, windy as all heck, but out I go anyway. hugs to you.

  16. Glad to hear you are ging to have some beautiful will be good for get out there and enjoy every minute you can!! Life is sweet!

  17. I love your stained glass!! I have always wanted one somewhere in my house!!


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