Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Garfield could be my Brother!

I am waiting to go outside,
but they won't let me when it snows,
they don't let me do alot of things,
you should see they freak when I sneak into that machine,
that rolls around and around,
it is nice and warm for a few seconds, but after that I am a bit dizzy.
Apparently I am not supposed to hide under the bed and swipe at 
their feet as they walk past.
I say good luck with that one,
Ha, ha, I just can not help myself.
Last time they took me in the black truck,
I got out of my carry case
and jumped on top of Cinners head
and hung on for dear life.
I had a good grip until her head suddenly fell forward,
and I lost my footing.. What a sad trick that was.
And if I really want attention I sit on the kitchen table,
and the short, round, queen of the house,
comes running for all she is worth,
and gpes Psssst.
Quiver, Quivver. I am shaking in my boots.
Well I better have a cat nap,
I heard her say something about 
giving me a bath tomorrow.
I wonder if the term when pigs fly means anything to her!
I hope she has energy tomorrow,
I have a feeling she will need it.
signed off  Stinky
aka Princess!


  1. You make sure you run, run, run from that bath!!!

  2. Must take pics of that!! Nothing like seeing a wet soapy cat! HA! Beautiful kitty by the way!
    Have a wonderful day Cinner

  3. very cool. out cat is 10 years old...she went through her mean phace and now thinks she is the mom of the boy, checking on them and watching over them...we almost got a new kitty last weekend...

  4. The cat runs the house with or without your help. Ha. This was a fun post.

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Your kitty is so, so cute. : ) LOVE this post. Clever and fun!

  6. :) hope you feel better honey.

  7. Such a personality!!! Yes, Garfield could be her brother! Love it! Such a hilarious post! Great cat stories! ~Janine XO

  8. LOL..so cute! I love this! Please let Stinky write again! (I used to call my cat Stinky too...he's gone now) :(

  9. Cora, really you had a cat named Stinky. I am sorry hes gone. Stinky will write again for sure.

    Janine, hi, I think the cat is sometimes possesed...other times she is a princess. Hope you are well. we had so much snow today. take care, be by to visit soon.

    Char, It is hangin on but I am givin it a good fight. I sure loved your post today. it inspired me.

    Life With Kaishon, oh so glad to have you stop by. I am an animal lover for sure, see you soon. take care.

    TechnoBabe, the cat, the dog, the hubby, would take months to miss me....well when the food ran out...lol.

    Brian, a new Kitty, what stopped you...they are so cute when they are little....I have heard of cats being more attached to children than dogs....I guess that happens when they are hanging off the side of your leg. lol take care.

    SueAnn, oh yes it is always a fun time at bath time. now that it snowed we will wait again for a while. till it drys up. take care, hope you had a good day.

    ED, Stinky can only write, can't read...so hopefully she won't see your message. whos side are you on anyway. lol. hope you had a great day.


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