Sunday, June 13, 2010

Monkey Business, Heat Stroke and.....

Hello Everyone.
Here is one of my rocks that I painted for my Mom.
I think he is quite cute, needs a little touch up at the eyes.
This rock is about an inch and a half by about 2 inches.
She collects little rocks that seem to come from me,
others that she has found and they all sit on a big slab of rock.
in her flowerbeds.
Today there will be no monkey business from me,
It was so beautiful here over the weekend that I may have a wee bit of heat stroke.
Have a slight headache, the chills and a little nauseaus.
I think after a night sleep I should be fine.
As for my Monday it is going to be pretty mellow,
I really need to continue organizing my filing cabinet.
that is if the urge hits me.
What do you want to accomplish today.?
Enjoy your day
and may it be Your Best Day Ever.


  1. I am going to purchase my hanging baskets, flowers and plants....I'm so excited.
    Hope you are feeling better, the sun was quite hot today but oh cinner I loved it....:-)Hugs

  2. I need to get organized too ;) Cute little Rock sweet. I do hope you feel better in the morning. Drink LOTS of water! xo

  3. I am in the office but planning hard for the next few days adventures. You take care in that sun :)

  4. You have to be careful with the heat...heat stroke is nothing to fool with. Be careful hun!!! Today I am going to have some fun...doing a jewelry class this afternoon!! woohoo! Taking my granddaughter as well. We will have a blast.

  5. Be careful in the hot weather, Cinner. I need to go out and deadhead some Coreopsis today, before it gets too hot!

  6. I had a heat stroke in the Army once. Took about 15 years before I could sweat again on my face. It's a very serious matter - best try to avoid that!
    Stay well...

  7. rest sweetie, rest and feel better !

  8. Take care of yourself, Cinner.

  9. oh do take care of yourself today and take it easy...nice rock, too cool!

  10. Love the monkey...but so sorry to hear that you are having trouble with heat stroke. I hope you had a quiet and restful day!! Take care of yourself, okay? You are in my thoughts!! Love, Janine XO


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