Wednesday, July 7, 2010

He was a Dancing Machine.

We had a great day yesterday, and in the evening 
Hubby went to play ball, I was sitting on the computer,
the sun was shining, the house was calm,
and I swear it just came out of nowhere,
the loudest, closest thunder I have ever heard.
I think tomorrow we will hear that something got hit by lightening,
it was so loud, how loud,
so loud I fell right off my chair,
now that was a first for me,
My cataplexy is triggered by strong emotions,
laughter, being startled, sometimes anger,
but usually the laughter,
Once I picked myself up off the floor I though okay I will have to be on the lookout for thunder now,
just another thing to add to the list.
All in all we ended up having a great night.
We turned to all the music stations and tried to dance to different types of music,
we were trying to exercise, we had so much fun.
My husband kept making me laugh so hard that I would have to sit down,
We love to two step and are big country fans,
but lately I have been listening to a lot of  blues and ragay music,
We did okay with the blues and then he started acting all strange,
I said come on feel the music, well he was feeling it all right,
not in the right beat, but he was really trying,
he did have a couple of beer after ball,
So we definately had some comic relief around here tonight.
We even tried some techno electric dance moves,
Keep in mind he is 58 and I am 46.
We knew our nieces and nephews would just laugh at us.
Wait till we get to dance at their weddings one day.
I was just thrilled he was trying something so out of his comfort zone.
There is nothing like laughter to end your day.
Problem is I had so much fun I am still awake,
Mr. Geezer Boy was snoring in ten minutes,
and I would not be surprised when he gets up in the morning 
that maybe he will have thrown out a hip or something. lol
I have to learn how to video these things.
I hope you get a chance to do something completely out of your norm today,
You may find you will have your very 
Best Day.


  1. very cool. glad you did that parents are amateur line dancers...been doing it together for years....scary about the storms but thats a little close...

  2. Oh...Cinner what a great evening you both had! Scary thunder but what a lovely bond between the two of you...a great memory! No more falling off chairs...smiles and hugs!
    Thanks for your comment...I added a story to the post...c'mon back to read if you get a chance...

  3. Love it. Age doesn't anything to do with how much fun you can have or how well you dance. Hubby and I are so like you two. We play music and dance and laugh like you describe. We even exercise to an exercise tape with oldies songs. And we sometimes exaggerate the moves and play as we exercise. Gotta have fun in life, huh. So glad you two have fun like this.

  4. i think that laughter is THE way to end a day...and dancing really is amazingly fun exercise!

  5. hey...if all that fun leads to you being awake....well, then i say some dancing is due every night !

  6. hello sister, It sounds wonderful i can just see the two of you. We were in bed sooooo early we needed a good sleep so today we are ready for anything. lol luv u lots

  7. Oh Cinner,
    what a beautiful thing to do! Glad you had much fun and laughter!
    I am not able to dance AT ALL!:((
    Thanks for your heartfelt comment... I know I'm supposed to rest my hands ;)) but that beautiful thing was calling me!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful evening......out of the norm eh, wonder what I could do....yup I can think of a few things and just may do something I don't normally do, great idea.
    ........:-) hugs

  9. What a wonderful way to spend the evening together...laughing and enjoying one another! Wish you did video this dancing...I would have loved to see it!!
    Out of the norm huh? I will have to work on that one.

  10. dancing at's always such such fun.

  11. Sounds like so much fun! I will try to see if I can get mine to dance with me too!

    I love your blog background!! How did you get your words at the top to be so big? Is this a blogspot design?


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