Friday, July 23, 2010

Raspberries, Broken Camera, Rain, and Company, etc.

So my day started today by going outside to see my dog eating the raspberries
off the raspberry plants. This is the first year I will actually get more than just a couple
handfuls. So I scolded him, picked about a cup full, went and sat on the bench
and who jumped up beside me was my dog, sitting there with big brown sad eyes,
I was sucked right in, I would have one, he would have one, boy he has me trained.
I took some picture of my lilies that are in full bloom now, 
I was surprised to find the most beautiful yellow lilies.
I had transplanted a bunch from my Mom,
I now have burgundy, yellow, orange, brighter yellow, pink.
so I was quite excited and wanted to show you,
only to discover that my camera is on the fritz.
that makes for a very sad Cinner.
I  will see what I can do with it tomorrow, but I just might have to wait to buy a new one.
Anyway I am not going to fret about it,
I took pictures of my tatoos like I promised and they won't transfer to the computer,
and with the camera the lens stays out. okay sorry I am fretting.
As I am typing I am listening to the pouring rain,
I timed it right today, I actually cut my grass, it took me about half as long as last time,.
so I was thrilled with the progress, however it is going to be terribly muddy out there tomorrow.
It is raining so much that my eaves can not handle it,
the thunder is not as close as before and the sky has quit lighting up.
It sounds like I have a river right outside my window..
Just wondering if anyone is having trouble with blogger,
I have been trying to comment on some blogs with no luck,
Try to go on other blogs and they say pages are not found.
please let me know.
The city has their Capital X Fair starting in the am,
it runs until next Sunday,
so I will have fireworks every night at eleven,
As well the Edmonton Indy is on this weekend.
I will hear rrrrrrr, rrrrrrr, rrrrrr,
around and around the track,
they practice and then the real race is on Sunday.
So it will be a little noisy around here,
but definately I will be feeling alive.
Whooo Hoooo.
My younger sister is coming to stay for three days on Monday,
and my two nephews are staying to help me do some stuff
and to help their Uncle put in a new front fence...hope the weather is good while
they are here. We have a couple things planned for them.
so it will be a fun and a busy time. 
I still stay on my schedule while they are here,
I do have more Cataplexy spells because they make me laugh alot.
I am excited to be getting the company.
They will go and watch their Uncle play ball two nights a week.
My SIL has a picnic planned, soccer, and basketball all planned out.
We all play a mean game of Botchi Ball too.
And of course those night where we sit around roasting marshmallows.
so I may not be around much over the next week or so,
know I will be thinking of you,
and wishing you the best days ahead
until we meet again.


  1. timeless image.
    loved everything here.

  2. Enjoy your company!! Sounds like a wonderful time has been planned!!
    I have had a lot of "page not found" lately just so you know. But that is the only trouble that I have experienced.
    Hugs and have a great weekend!

  3. sounds like you are in for some fun visitors...if i was your dog i would be into the raspberries as well...i love them. smiles. i have heard about the blogger issues...i have one that i can not access....

  4. have a great time with your sister and nephews :-) me too, I have sometimes problems commenting, it says page not found, I either double click again, or go to comment via other friends ...

  5. The Indy always sounds like a nonstop swarm of bees!

  6. Sweet...that you shared your raspberries! Sorry about your camera...I dread the day mine starts giving me woes!

  7. we got drenched with rain here, too....

    and i can't wait to see the tattoos.....

  8. It rained here this morning so hubby made us some buckwheat pancakes with apricot syrup. They turned out so good. He used the electric skillet this time and they cooked evenly. I think the griddle that we use on the electric stove is only good for grilled cheese sandwiches. I sure wish we had fresh berries in our yard! Maybe we will stay here long enough to plant and grow things. Enjoy your time with your sister and with the nephews. Take care of yourself.

  9. sorry about your camera!! hopefully they can fix it. sounds like a good time is definitely coming with the much fun.


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