Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Smile and Sucking Fish!....yes I spelled that right.

I think this  fellow is amazing, 
Every time I see him in the yard,
my heart warms instantly,
Happiness has that effect on me,
and smiles are so contagious.
I sit  in the sun most mornings and meditate,
A smile has such a calming effect,
In some cases a smile can give so much hope ,
My wish for today,
I hope you smile at others, and at yourself,
try it, sit in front of a mirror and smile at who is looking back at you,
because that is your very best friend.
I hope you know and love that image well.
My other wish for today,
is to expect nothing, but to appreciate everything.!
May we all have a blessed day!
Last night on the news I saw a new way for pedicures,
It has not passed health regulations so for the mean time the lady can only
provide this luxury to family and friends.
What you do is put your feet in this tank.
and a special kind of fish eats off any dead skin.
My thought process was this,
I am not letting anything alive near my feet,
there was about 20 in the tank,
I am sure this would cause me to have a Cataplexy spell,
which now would be  ,my body in the tank...
So I will be passing such a luxury.
I said to my husband was that the only way to sanitize
the tank would be to sterilize the tank,
and you could not use the same fish again.
Things that make me go hmmmm
and are you kidding me.
Apparnetly they are doing this over in Asia.
what do you think about this.
Keep Smiling
and have your Best Day Ever.


  1. Yes - Cinner -
    They had this in Texas, but they made them stop doing it.
    I hope YOUR day is blessed!

  2. I heard about those fish. Do they enjoy it I wonder? Love the little statuette :o) Have a great day!

  3. i have seen the fish eat off the skin...if you go to the lake near my house you get the same effect for a smile is contageous..and that guys got smile down pat...

  4. I saw that too! So pedicurists!! I just got a pedicure yesterday! It was so fish! Just the wonderful hands of Jessica!!
    Keep smiling!
    Hugging you

  5. I love the Buddha, he is fab... they say you should rub his belly and give him money for luck. i have a couple of smaller ones in the house that are sitting on a pile of small change ;0)

  6. i've seen that but for some reason i think the fish nibbling on me would creep me out! LOL

    love that buddha

  7. Cinner, you for sure made me smile :-) wisdom and more wisdom here and humor :-) lol for the fish story I have heard about that too ... I'm grateful I still manage to do my pedicure myself ;-) you too have the best day, hugs!

  8. Having those fish nibbling my feet would just give me the willies!

  9. oh you made me laugh...
    i don't want any fish sucking my feet either.....

  10. Beth, I don't wamt anything touching my feet, glad you had a laugh. take care,

    Debra, I agree with you, I would just be grosses out. take care,

    Birdie, glad you smiled and lucky you being able to do your pedicures. I can't see my feet let alone reach those little sausage toes. lol. thanks for commenting, your a treasure.

    Char, to me there are just some things that don't make sense and I like you would be creeped out. Glad you liked the Buddha. take care.

    ED, I thought I was supposed to rub his belly and money would come my way, now I have to give him money....but hey any luck is better than no luck at all. I think I have a Buddha fetish. lol

  11. SueAnn, oh lucky you, I have only had a pedicure once in my life and loved it. I think I need to treat myself more. Congrats on losing 147 pounds, that is wonderful and very inspiring. take care, hugs to you.

    Brian, thats true for free, I really wonder what they charge for something like that....they won't be getting any of my money. I have had too many fishtanks and have seen how filthy they can get....but I would go fishing at the lake.smiles.

    Cambridge lady they say it tickles at first but that your feet feel wonderful. go figure. take care, will stop by for a visit soon, I have had company, feel I have been a little out of touch. take care.

  12. Anne on the news they said that fourteen different states in USA had these but that they were all closed because could not pass health laws...Imagine that, hope you are feeling well. take care.

  13. My hubby said the fish would choke on all the dead skin on my feet. I have cracked dry heels. But I wouldn't put my feet into a tank with skin eating fish. No not at all.

  14. TechnoBabe, that is funny, these guys have such a sense of should try Burts Bees on your feet. that stuff works great. I am with you about not putting the feet in the tank. I actually have very ticklesh feet, so nothing is getting near them. take care, be well.

  15. I have heard about these fish cinner and believe me when I say as a regular at our spa I love my pedicures but I wouldn't let those fish near me.....I agree it doesn't sound very sanitary does glad you enjoy your mornings the way you do, I have been doing some physical therapy for a few mornings yet.
    .........:-) Hugs

  16. Bernie, I was thinking of you this am wondering how you were making out, hoping your neck is not too sore my dear. oh glad you like getting the pedicures, and yes just not sanitary at all. hope you had a great day, I was thinking of you when it was storming again tonight and I had to chuckle at us playing phone tag yesterday. The nicest part of the day was tonight atnine pm. the sun was beaming in my bedroom window. It had not shone all day. lol. hugs to you.


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