Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flower Power

My Bundles of Joy,
I planted some in pots,
some seeds right in the ground
The rains came down causing some of them to rot,
To me it is a day of bliss when a new flowering plant is found.
Now my yard is completely empty
of any joys they used to bring.
What a smile is  in my heart
knowing they will
come again
in the
What is your favorite flower?
I would love to hear.
May you have 
your best


  1. My favorite flower is the Iris!! And all wild flowers make me happy. My yard is full of them.
    Have a great day sweetie

  2. really...i like a simple daisy...
    or perhaps a sunflower...
    or a lily...
    i cant decide...smiles.

  3. My favorite seems to be whatever is at the peak of bloom at the moment!

  4. My favorite flower is one that I can get to grow. Ha. We can't grow anything in the ground here because as soon as it starts to come up the critters eat it. There is no fence on the properties around here except one place for their dog. This is not complaining about the critters, I love watching them. I will buy a couple more pots in the spring and plant some flowers to grow in the house. I want you to know how much I enjoy seeing yards like yours in my favorite blogs.

  5. One? Hmmm....I think, I think, I think...and I can't name just one.

  6. hi cinner! sorry for the very political post you found as your first on my blog! it's not always like that. :-)

    and i posted your feather stone today, so i'd give it about a week!


    p.s. i love dahlias - they're a bit old-fashioned, but oh-so-lovely and they bloom their hearts out 'til first frost.

  7. So many but since my mom loved roses.......I have to say roses!! Beautiful picture!!

  8. oh i am sad that happened ..but you have made such a lovely mosaic Cinner! hard to know a them all but I have good luck with geraniums

  9. I like all kinds of flowers, but my favorites are white ones. Have a great day, thanks for visiting my blog!

  10. Beautiful collage, Cinner!!!! Peonies, Roses and Sunflowers, but I DO LOVE ALL flowers! And believe in flower power too ;))
    Hugs and thank you thank you ;)


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