Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Isn't it a bright sunny day.

Beautiful sunny flowers,
Beautiful sunny rays,
the colors of my curtains lightened by the exposure to the sun.
The air was fresh, the light shining on my furniture,
indicating a light layer of dust that would have to wait for another day.
I had other plans, I lay down to enjoy the peace and beauty of my room,
my home  is more like a cabin than a big fancy house,
It was the last day of August and summer had been good to me,
The sun was shining on my face,
I had to close my eyes,
and the rays were as if they were made just for me.
I got lost in my thoughts of all I had accomplished this summer,
learning to say no for the sake of my health,
learning that it is okay to disappoint someone,
If it is for the sake of your health or if they are toxic for you.
I know my own strength and daily I see that opportunities
may be soon right around the corner for me,
and that is an unbelievable feeling.
I have learned that just as I am, 
that I am enough, I really have
become okay in my skin,
and so excited for my future
to unfold however it may.

It is nice to have dreams again and to see some doors opening up for me.
I  see some hope with my health and that is like winning the lottery.
I am in an amazingly positive frame of mind,
have a fabulous day,
Update on that silly sign, I am over it.
new mornings, new gifts, new trials and tribulations,
I am working on my gift of jewels card when I get up,
and just may write a few other letters.
I will be going for a walk and trying to speed up a bit.
Have a great day, be well,
and I hope we all laugh until our bellies ache.


  1. I am so proud of you and excited for you as well. You have been on a long journey and some destinations are on the horizon!! How exciting!!
    Take good care my friend!
    Hugging you

  2. glad you got over the sign and it sounds like you are in a wonderful place cinner...that is great!

  3. yay......hope you had a wonderful walk...Hugs

  4. Love the warm sun shine coming in. And a positive state of mind is beautiful... xoxo

  5. Caroline, thanks that means alot coming from you. the sun seems to shine about 8 pm here, if it were any clearer you would see how badly I need to wash my windows. lol. hope you are well.

    Bernie, I did thanks, I can't believe I forgot where you were, every day I was checking to see if you were around. silly me. hugs.

  6. Dreamwriter, thanks I broke my old camera, and have not been the happiest with this one. amazing what editing can do. take care, be well.

  7. Brian, thanks, my hubby is very glad I got over the sign, lol, life is too short to fret, besides the two of us can't stay to serious for too long, lol. thanks for your kind words.

    SueAnn, oh Thank you so much for all your support, you are the absolute best. hugs.

  8. Cinner! That picture, beside the one of the two doors that started our friendship so long ago...that new picture is so wonderful!

    AND, the crack about your grandpa's one leg???!! I almost wet my pants on that one.

    I love you girl!


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