Sunday, October 31, 2010

Maintenance of a 100 year old Home never stops.

I awoke this morning with the sun beaming in through my kitchen window,
and I have to say I was so excited.
It is to be a beautiful day, and that sun instantly made me happy.
I know for some of us it does not take much, lol!
Our house is ready for the trick or treaters,
from year to year it varies,
we just have to string up some Halloween pumpkin lights,
that hubby bought yesterday when he was out in his travels.
Today I am going to wash the windows, walk the dog,
try to rake the lilac leaves that have just fallen off the trees,
they were the only trees that had any leaves left on them.
I have a Honey Do List a mile long,
and hubby says he is going to do some of the items today.
picture me jumping up and down
saying Halleyluyah!
Picture him looking at me going, Enough Already.
Then I jumped in his arms and said,
Are'nt days off just the best.
And we laughed.
I promise to be nice as I scratch items off the list,
some that date back to ten years ago when we bought the house.
I better stay close today,  between you and me I won't leave him out of my sight.
Note to self...stay strong, be loving,
Just in case your doubting,
we really are in love!
Take care and Happy Halloween.


  1. no doubt here...smiles. have fun today!

  2. "lilac leaves" ....poetically is the love between the two of you.

  3. Happy Halloween! Enjoy the little ghosts and goblins who come to your door tonight!

  4. Happy New Year, Cinner Dear! Never a question that love lives deeply between you and the Hubby! I wish you Bright Blessings in abundance for all you do and mean to us!

  5. Hey how did he do.....all
    You two are blessed to have so much love together......:-) Hugs

  6. Oh we do have a lot in common! I do the same with my husband, and we are in love too! Ain't love grand? I forgot to mention that I love your beautiful background! Love Di ♥


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