Saturday, November 6, 2010

Odd & Sods , its how we see things, conviction

so this is my sister,
my twin but she is 5 years younger.
Everywhere we go, people ask if we are sisters.
We laugh at the same things, think so similar,
we have been having a wonderful visit,
She cleaned my house today when I needed to nap because of the Cataplexy,
then we sat and make some cards and talked about scrap booking, etc,
Yesterday we went to the movie
Conviction with Hilary Swank,
it is a must see,
I was really impressed with the movie.
It is always a treat for me to go to the movies,
as I really don't get there often.
So if you are into seeing a great movie
I would give it 4 popcorns out of five.
so I am feeling a little run down 
and will be taking a break away for part of the week.
I hope your week is wonderful.
I will be back soon,
come and visit with everyone,
and start to return some comments.
Some hardships bring opportunities,
some opportunities bring change,
some changes make new possibilities,
some new possibilities bring new opportunities,
some new opportunities can be challenging,
some new challenges bring higher learning,
higher learning  opens new doors,
opening new doors means  we have choices,
some choices are life altering.
when looking back I am grateful for all my hardships,
they have opened many doors of opportunities!
Hardships are usually overcome with time.
I would love to hear your opinion on my last paragraph.
Be well my friends.
Enjoy life.


  1. Cinner I have learned more from the hard times, the challenges and the pain than I ever have when every thing was going well in my life. I took lessons from everything although at the time I didn't realize it......and today I embrace life and what it offers every day and yest even today some days are diamonds and some days are just plain glass....:-) Hugs

  2. The hard times have built up my stamina and giving me courage where I thought I had none. It also brought along with it, confidence in myself and my decisions. Allowing me to put one foot in front of the other. I have moved forward! Sometimes just a little bit...other times...whole mountains have moved. Today I stand proud of me and my accomplishments. They all came from hard work and determination. I am thrilled

  3. The hardships are not pleasant but they are opportunity to grow as you already know. Take care of yourself this week, will look forward to when you feel like writing again.

  4. yeah...i jive witht he las tparagraph...everyone has them...its how you walk through them that is different...and some will survive and some wont....

  5. Your sister's cute and has a beautiful smile!

  6. Hi Cinner,
    I think that if we didn't have hard times and struggles in our lives we would all walk around looking silly! I mean really, constantly happy people with never a care! Struggles make us who we are. We learn from them. We become stronger because of them. Your sister is lovely and I am happy to hear of your nice visit and free housecleaning! Love Di ♥

  7. hope you are feeling much more energetic Cinner. listen to your body and rest if needed.

    prayers sent up. thinking of you.

    btw, your sister is beautiful. one love.

  8. Wow...yall do you like twins!!
    The bad always has to come with the good. Without the bad we would not appreciate the good and realize how fortunate we truly are.
    I am blessed to know you!

  9. Love the photo of your beautiful sister Cinner and yes the good times are often appreciated more after the bad.

    hope you are feeling better soon
    love to you
    Robyn x

  10. Hello, dear Cindy!! Just stopping by to see how you are!!! Yes!!! Hardships are opportunities!!! And your sister is as beautiful as you are!!! Thanks for sharing your days with us!! Hope you get good rest!! Love you! Janine XO

  11. CINNER-
    your "twin" sister is SO beautiful, just like you. :-) Amazing likeness.

    Love to you

  12. i am thinking of you my friend.


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