Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another point of view.

Woof, Kula here. I have to tell you I love the winter, I am American Eskimo/Corgi/Bassett
according to the SPCA. Cinner well she just seems to think I am a pain in her backside...
I don't think I can be that big of a pain. Cinner has not taken kindly to me chasing
her precious cat Stimky.....just on the name alone it should be eaten.
All the dogs in the neighborhood laugh at me because I am supposed to be nice to the kitty.
Sometimes Cinner opens the door at night and calls out "Here Stinky, Here Stinky!"
No wonder the people walk on the other side of the street, I am starting to get a Complex.
The Boxer Luka from next door won't even play with me in the yard. Oh well She is always 
crying anyway, always has big teary eyes. Maybe it is sad over there, who knows.
You should see in the spring when Stinky comes in the yard, if I chase her really really
fast, she sometimes ends up in the pond, but with all this white stuff on the yard
Stinky won't come out because it is too cold. What a wimp. I don't want to see hide nor hair
of the house unless when they are feeding me, or when I want to go and see Cinner.
She likes to brush me all the time and I think she is a little coocoo for cocopuffs
because she vacummes me, Oh yes she does, and while she is vacumming me she says,
Is'nt that nice, oh that feels so good. I don't know but if she had her skin sucked up 
until she thought it might  disappear just maybe she might have second time she says Is'nt that nice I just might
pee on her leg and I will tell her Oh that feels so good.! Oh don't tell her that, I am supposed to be
a Good Boy or she sends me to the porch. ewwwwwwww like I am really scared,
I am shaking in my furry 65 pound body, she is gonna send me to the porch,
heck I will even go outside on a minus 20 day, its like a walk in the park.
Send me to the porch, ha she cracks me up!
Besides all I gotta do is sit and look at Cinner for about a half an hour,
and I stare at her and I try really hard not to blink,
She stares back at me and then finally says Shite ,
okay, let's go for a walk.
This training thing is working out pretty good lately,
I have been watching Ceasar Romero on T.V.
usually the problems are with the owners.
Yep things are working out just fine.
I think it could be my best day ever,
If only she would hurry up!
Have a great weekend.


  1. Ha!!! Kula has got your wrapped for sure! And what a beautiful dog!!! Gorgeous!!
    I can see why you can't resist those eyes. I wouldn't be able to either!!

  2. lol. you make me smile. have a great day.

  3. what a beautiful animal....i hope you have a wonderful day as well...

  4. I love this photo so wintry and I have a dog that looks a lot like yours.

  5. Love it...... I used to sometimes do our pets inner monologues for the kids. Like when our dog would do the happy dance when we'd come home from an outing or a trip. The length of the happy dance increased exponentially based on the length of time we were gone.

    I'm my own pet these days--my landlords don't allow animals.

  6. I love this post and your dog is so cute, I can tell you are really a hard task master when it comes to your pets. Hope you weekend is lovely as well....:-)Hugs

  7. Great post and fun to see things from the side of the pets, not just the owners.

  8. Cinner you need to write a book!! A book of inspiration! I feel inspired every time I come!!!! I feel uplifted and a smile comes across my heart. I love that about you my friend. Thank you for your kind words to me. You are a gift for sure that I absolutely without a doubt love having! xoxo Lovey

  9. Ahh...the secret life of dogs...and the things they surely must be thinking...


  10. Cam. oh I really belief they have little personalities. hope you are well be over to see you.

    Cathy, thanks for popping in. have a great week.

    Lovey, thankk you that is so kind to say. You too Lovey, it is an amazing world isn't it. Hope you are feeling better. hugs.

  11. TechnoBabe, I do wonder what they think sometime and how stupid we must appear...of course all I need is a few treats and all is forgiven. do you have your bird feeders up at your new place. I was thinking of you looking out your window watching.

  12. Bernie, yeah I had a good weekend, has wains mom and sister over Sunday night for a pot roast. we had a very nice time. my mil brings treats for the pets every time she comes, she is so cute. lol.
    I miss you posting as much hon. hope your feeling okay. hugs.

  13. Ellen, oh the kids would have loved it. The way my dog sheds I sometimes think what was I thinking, now that he is older he is in the house more...If I had the energy I could vacume every day...not going to happen. I guess sometimes being your own pet is just least you know what your thinking. lol. It was nice having you visit. hope you are feeling good.

  14. Yolanda, it is wintry here only about minus twenty at night, we did have a minus 46 day...none of us were going outside. What type is your dog...lots of times I have had people stop us and say he is very odd looking, I don't think so, lol. thanks for visiting. take care.

  15. Penquin, no thanks necessary you know that. I love you sis. its a package deal. all or nothing right.

  16. Thanks Brian, I had a great weekend, hope you did too. loved your poem today. smiles.

  17. Kamana, I am glad to. hope you had a great weekend. take care.

    SueAnn, yes I can be conned by big brown eyes for sure. hugs to you. hope you are well, will visit soon. hugs.

  18. What a beautiful dog! I think you got the personality just right, they really are just little people with fur I think :) They certainly train us well, now don't they!


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