Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Canadian Pile of Snow!

This was outside my back door a few months ago.
Can you tell they were just waiting to get in.
This was a few days ago. He is not moving for nothing!
He is having one of those cozy lazy weeks.
If there is a reincarnation I am coming back as him,
He really has it too good around here.
This was me playing around with textures last night.
For some reason I love it, do you see a mysterious side of me?
If all it takes is a little texture well then I got that handled.
This was taken on Tuesday, it was a beautiful nice lovely day.
This is today about an hour ago after shoveling snow for the third time today.
What makeup was there has slid off my face ,
and the snow well it is still coming down.
so you know that Best Ever Day I say,
today I am thinking that is the biggest Canadian pile of snow (____)
I have ever heard!
Also today I had a doctors appointment at 9 am.
I am sound asleep and I hear bang bang bang at my door.
It was my sister in law at 8:47 am to pick me up.
She says what are you doing?
So I knew if I could get dressed, wash my face, brush my teeth, etc
and leave in five minutes I could still make it on time.
So out into the blizzard we went,
We get into her car, and I say huffing and puffing,
I don't even know if I had time to put on my drawers.
That set me into one cataplexy spell after another,
and she was telling me to quit laughing,
I could not say anything.
So we make it to the doctors office,
and I kid you not my SIL parked the furthest away
she possibly could, because she is all on this
exercise kick and is trying to help me (bless her heart).
So as we are rushing with our heads down running against the wind.
I see my doctor pass me...I kid you not.
I was huffing and puffing and I just knew there was no way I could catch him.
Anyway finally I am in the office, I have been ditched by my SIL as she had to go to the post office,
so we went our separate ways at the door.
I get up there yes 8.59 am.
Then they put me in the room, the doctor will be right with me,
I am thinking, oh just let me catch my breath first, but I went along with it.
The next thing you know I have a hand on my shoulder,
and a voice leaning into me saying Cindy you need to wake up.
It was the doctor, he apologized for being late and making me fall asleep waiting for him.
He was never so helpful, I think he went into shock when he saw me,
because he kind of jumped back.....this happens when I have no makeup on.
so thats how my day started, and it has been one of those days
ever since.
All I know it was a good thing to get home,
and find out I had put on my drawers...
I could hear my Grandma saying,
Always wear clean underwear,
in case your in an accident,
or have I just heard the saying so much
that I think my Grandma said it.
I think I shall sleep on 
I hope your day is a bit smoother and slower than mine.
Until next time.


  1. Wow! 12 minutes from bed to doctor's office -- that's amazing! And in a blizzard too!

  2. ugh...we are to get snow tomorrow but no where near that much...thank goodness...and i will make sure i put on clean drawers...smiles.

  3. clean drawers ... that made me smile :) hoping your tomorrow is better.

  4. to get back to you on the questions you pposed over on my blog - there were 6 million people in all .. yeah, quite a number :) And the cube shaped building in the middle is called the Ka'baa, to which all muslims turn five times a day in prayer.

  5. between the snow, no make-up, falling asleep and clean had me laughing all the way....

  6. Cindy...I was huffing and puffing with you as I read your blog. Bless your heart!!! do know how to put a smile on my face. Thank you for a beautiful blogpost....AND....I think your sweet dog has the perfect idea: a cozy lazy week! I'm all for that.
    You look great!!
    Warm hugs....lots of those to you, my friend.

  7. Oh Cinner you just made me laugh...thank you so much for this! So glad you had your pants on!!!

  8. Can I call you Cindy....

    You live in such a wonderful place. I love snow all around...feeling jealous...YOU ARE REALLY WITTY...KEEP IT UP. Really funny, the way you made it to the doctor's office...

    With Luv

  9. Shalet, please call me Cindy for sure. When I started blogging I just used Cinner because my best friend calls me that and somehow it just stuck....I called her Neener. we have for years...More and More peopple know me as Cindy. so by all means. The snow is really beautiful, so much today and last night, vehicles being abandoned all over the place. I shoveled today to help my husband out, and you can not tell a thing. ha......guess what I will be doing again tomorrow. It was such a rush morning that I seemed to run backwards all day. lol. I hope you had a fabulous day. hugs.

    Caroline, I was too. I am glad you had a laugh...were those your legs in the first shot, take care, glad you are doing so well.

  10. Jackie how are you, so nice to see you here. I am so glad you smiled. It was quite the day. my husband had a good chuckle when he came home. That dog I swear has it way to good around here. lol.
    What have you been up to, I think of you often and wonder if you have your blog up and running. I hope you are feeling well and not to busy with all
    the holiday work. hugs and love to you. keep smiling. c

  11. Beth, what a way to start the day. it was just one of those crazy days. hubby thought I was losing it when I told him the story. He did notice I had shoveled a little. It is unreal here right now. I let my dog out, he turned around and came right back in and then when I looked out, there is more snow than I started with yesterday....and the wind is blowing it in all from the other side of the street in drifts.
    gotta keep laughing or I may have to phone you for some therapy. lol. thanks for visiting. I am glad you can get back on here again. hugs.

  12. Kammana thank you so for that information, I am very intriqued by others traditions. there is so much we can learn in this world. thank you dear friend.

  13. Brian, good for you. lol it has been coming down all guess what I get to do again tomorrow. I shall be a svelte woman by Spring per chance. maybe not, but I will be glad shoveling will be over....take care. have a good day.

    Debra, can you believe it. I used to work in that mall and was only five minutes away from work. I could not get my bearings all day. your gingerbread house looked fabulous. I could not comment on your blog this morning. hope you are well, hugs.

  14. We are expecting snow tonight and tomorrow. Yuck! I was hoping to not get any this year! Sigh!
    Yes clean drawers is definitely a prerequisite when visiting the doctor. Ha!
    I remember every time!!!

  15. Funny, my mom used to tell me the same thing about my underwear! I think they were just trying to help us to learn good hygiene!!
    I am amazed that you made that appointment Cinner, I don't think that I could have made it that quickly! Love Di ♥

  16. What a day you had!!! I hate being rushed! Your pictures do look great!!

  17. We shoveled a lifetime of snow last year, but after we moved we have no concrete except a front sidewalk that goes nowhere. Wait, we're into NoWhere too, especially when the snow's going sideways at 40mph.

  18. Oh my goodness what an adventure! Isn't it funny how some days go like that? I am with you on the pile of snow... I dread going out cause its cold but I start to shovel and then I get hot and sweaty- go figure :)

    Thank goodness for SIL's and wearing your drawers when it counts!

  19. I wish I could get so relaxed at a doctor office that I could sleep. I am the opposite, my blood pressure goes up and I am ready for an argument with a doctor. Ha.

  20. Oh my gosh. You made me seriously laugh!


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