Sunday, January 23, 2011

Flight attendant, this lady is scaring me and she says she is my Mom!

So I have to tell you about my plane ride to the wedding.
My  Mom was already on the plane,
and my sister and I had the two seats beside her.
Mom says Theres my two little girls,
I am wondering whom she is talking too.
Kiss, Kiss, she wants the window seat, so I sit in the middle, my sister in the aisle seat.
This is what I hear....Do you know there are life jackets under the seats, I looked but can't find them.
She then says, you know if your in a boat they give you a life jacket to wear,
so don't you think we should be wearing them now.
I look over at my sister, oh she had a smirk on her face.
I should have asked her to change seats.
So I look back and she has still been talking and she is telling me about
using the seat as a flotation device if we end up in water.
I say Mom the plane is about to take off,
I don't think I need to know any of this,
and this is not a very relaxing conversation.
So she has the sillies and just keeps talking about where the air masks come out
and why she can't see them., etc.
I say Mom, I an calling the flight attendant,
and going to tell her that this lady is bothering me,
and scaring me. Oh no you can't do that she says.
I say well not one more word about the plane ride.
Me thinking to self.....where is ativan when I need one.
My sister leans towards me and says how are you doing,
Are you kidding me how am I doing?
I said to her, Mom is talking about wearing life jackets in the water.
My sister leans towards Mom and says Mom everything will be okay.
What? Are they kidding me. Reaffirm to me that I am going to be okay!
I said to my Mom, if you keep this up I might be sitting on the side of the road
sucking my thumb when we get there.
Oh how the two of them loved that!
Mom says oh your so dramatic, 
And that is when the plane took off,
she was good after that, just kept asking when are  they  coming around
with the cart,
she had a craving for nuts and bolts.
I will give her my package. I thought to myself
next time I will be about six seats back,
or at the very least make my sister sit beside her.
Mom leans in towards me and says,
I am so glad my girls are here with me,
I hear myself say, I am glad too Mom.
I reached out and held her hand and we both looked out the window
and looked at the mountains and then flew into the clouds,
and soon we landed safe and sound.
and all was well again.
take care and I hope you have a great Monday,
until next time,
The above story is 100% true!


  1. That's just too cute. Mom's are just like that...slightly annoying, but oh so lovable (I know my kids think that about me!).

  2. Cindy! I bet you must here me your place bc I'm laughing so much out loud! LOL ... I'm glad all went well :-) and thank you for sharing! hugs!!

  3. Your sister will sit next to your mom next time, right?

  4. Ha!! Aren't mommies wonderful? Ha! This is my mom...welcome to my world! Glad your flight was eventually uneventful!!

  5. lol...yeah i think i might find a different seat next family but...smiles. have a wonderful monday...

  6. Ha ha! Gotta love moms! I think you nailed it perfectly with this story... love them and want to disown them at the same time :)

  7. i think moms just have those buttons - sometimes maddening, sometimes silly, the end holding their hands help make all that better.

  8. "Flight attendant...! Flight attendant...! I need to change seats!!"
    This one was a grinner, Cindy. I'm sure that at the time, it wasn't so for you....but now that it's all behind you....I hope all is well!

  9. Moms do tend to be a bit annoying at times, but they mean well don't they ;-)

  10. Arghh, sounds like your Mum is like mine on flights - When I was about 13 she woke me from sleep on the plane to tell me that the plane was on fire!! She was petrified of flying - fortunately it was just the light flashing on the wing!!

  11. That is too funny about your MOM telling you the plane was on doubt fortunate is was the light flashing on the wind. lol. that is hilarious. take care I am so glad you are back.

    Anyes, they do mean well, I love her to pieces.

    Jackie, glad you enjoyed. she really can make me laugh at times...I am fine, thanks for asking, having a bit of health issues, but will know more on Feb 1 when I see a surgeon. will let you know. hope you re doing good hugs to you.

  12. Char, it is crazy those buttons, but I know how lucky I am. She loves us as we are, and I her. hugs to you.

    Vicky, that sounds completely accurate. lol. take care.

  13. Brian I Will be the one in disguise at the back of the plane...picture a big hat and huge sunglasses.

    The flight was actually really good, all that anxiety for nothing. One day I am going to kick that anxiety....hugs and much love to you.

    YechnoBabe, absolutely, she does not know it but she will be like white on rice. take care.

  14. Birdie, I think I heard you all the way here. there is nothing like a good laugh. I had a few with my family at the wedding for sure. hope you are well. I am looking forward to a plus 6 day here. take care my friend. c

  15. Caroline, I think it is a moms right to annoy their children at times. She really can make me laugh at times....hope yu are well, hugs.

  16. i am challenged flying but it's easier with family members. i'm more like the one who panics. lol.

    so glad you had each other.

  17. I love this! It sounds just like something one of my daughter's could have written!


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