Saturday, January 1, 2011

It Is Here.

As the sun rises yet again, it brings with the new day,
also a New Year.
I take a deep breath, and I feel peace and comfort.
My heart feels light, my soul happy.
I feel hopeful and truly blessed.
I want to wrap my arms around every new day
and be grateful for new beginnings, second chances,
renewed faith, new opportunities,
Our New Years Evening was very Quiet,
just the two of us,
just the way we wanted it to be.
We are spending time with family today,
and probably play crib or cards.
The weather is supposed to warm up,
so will try to walk the dog today as well.
I hope you have your very Best of Days,
and that your New Year is off to a wonderful start.
I usually take down any Christmas decorations on the 2nd.
How about you do you leave them up longer.
Well I must be off to sleep now,
as morning comes real soon.
What am I doing up at 356 in the morning?
Happy New Year to all.Take care,
Until next time


  1. Hi hun!!! Happy New Year!!
    I leave my decorations up until Feb. I just love the lights and atmosphere that is created by all the Christmas decorations. So I can hardly bear to take them down. But in Feb they go away and Valentine's Day hits the house big time.
    Hugging you

  2. Happy New Year to you, Cinner!
    Cool way to start, eh?

  3. Cinner...sending you warm thoughts for this New Year! I spent the night sweetly with my 4 boys...Hubby, 2 sons and Mozart (my dog). The only female in the was as quiet as can be under these circumstances...heehee. Happy New Years!

  4. happy new year go get some rest...i fell out shortly after midnite...

  5. We took the Christmas decorations down this morning. All is back to normal in the little hippie house. Best wishes to you and your husband for a happy and healthy year in 2011.

  6. Happy New Year, Cinner! Have fun with the cribbage board today!

  7. Happy Happy New Year 2011 - hope it's a fab one for you xxx

  8. Happy New Year! Peace and blessings to you and yours! I am feeling like taking everything down today, but that feeling may pass :)

  9. Happy New Year sweet friend...
    We were alone, just the two of us also! I want to wrap my arms about this new year with hopes that it will be GREAT! It is very warm here too after having snow flurries the day after Christmas. They just lifted the tornado watch we were under...thank the Lord!
    Blessings and peace to you....

  10. How beautiful, Cindy! The photograph...and the quiet New Year's Eve you spent with your love.
    I do hope that you have a wonderful and healthy 2011. I look forward to blogging with you this year!

  11. happy happy new year! i hope it is the most wonderful year for you and your sweetie

  12. happy new year sweetie.....
    i hope 2011 completely amazes you and your loved ones !

  13. Happy New Year!! I know 2011 will be wonderful for you!!

  14. I wish you the happiest of New Year's! I too had a quiet was perfect. I am looking forward to all you share in 2011. xo

  15. Happy New Year cinner, love you......:-)Hugs

  16. I took all of mine down today! Sometimes I leave them up longer but not this year.
    Happy New Year Cinner! Love Di ♥

  17. Happy New Year, Cinner.

    I enjoy every moment I get to visit you. You are so full of love and light and spread it so joyously. Wishing you all the best for 2011 and beyond. one love.

  18. That picture is gorgeous!I still have to take my stuff down. Once the holidays are over I am so ready for Spring!

  19. "I want to wrap my arms around every new day..." I love that line!

    I could keep my decorations out until all the needles fall off the tree, but my husband won't let me! They are always down before January 1 and hopefully even stored away by then.

    Best wishes for you in this new year...

  20. Love, love what you wrote about wrapping your arms around every single day of the new year! Your words are always perfect. And heartwarming.
    Thank you!!!
    Have a sparkling 2011 dear friend!I wish you all the best.
    Monica xo

  21. happy new year, my dear friend.


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