Sunday, April 10, 2011

Maybe a Hollywood Star, and an old barn. random thoughts.

I Love Mondays,
I wanted to share my favorite picture of my younger sister
I had given her a beautiful broach to wear so she would not have to hold her stole.
Sears did her main pictures. They did a really good job.
I don't know if I am biased but she just looks so radiant to me.
I am so very very happy for her.
love you penquin..
I walked through the field, dirt filling in my shoes,
The grass and some burs sticking to my clothes.
Memories filling my mind, The smells wafted up to my nose.
Familiar scents that I have known all my life.
Through the field I continued my adventure.
I got to the barn, I stood outside in silence for a moment.
I opened the door of the barn, it's age was showing,
sunlit was shining through every hole.
I touched the first wooden beam.
It was smooth from the cattle rubbing and scratching themselves on the wood.
I could see their bring brown eyes, and picture them swaying their tiles back and forth
swishing flies off their bodies. I would make way over to the ladder that
took me to my secret world. Up in the loft amongst the bales were great hiding spots,
not to mention the heavenly smell of the bales, the birds flying on the rafters above.
I laying on the bale watching the clouds pass by the loft door that was open.
I would sometimes get lucky and search for cats that would play around the hayloft.
Usually I would sit and squint my eyes at the rays of sunshining pouring in
through the old wood. The barn that my Great Grandfather built with my Grandfather.
Many boards were reetached over the years, after a windstorm and the like.
It is a peaceful memory from long ago. I find it strange today that I can smell it as if 
I were still laying in the barn right now.
The barn is long gone. The above picture is not of our barn,
It is one I took along the road.
One that reminded me of the simply beauty in my life.
Do you have certain things that trigger some of your memories.?
Today we had a visit from one of our neighbors.
he brought his Dad with him. He is 83 and had a stroke a while back.
He does not talk alot but as I was talking today he was laughing away
and smiling. Both my husband and my neighbor said I was really good with his Dad.
I have not seen this neighbor all winter, he is a very nice man from what I know of him.
He brings his Dad out of the home as much as he can.
I am so grateful for children that do take care of their families as they age,
They show respect and you can tell they were raised right.
today I hope no one is without a friend,
or estranged from your family.
May the sun shine for you
and bring you many happy moments.


  1. I have a friend who is very sick right now and my thoughts are filled with prayers for him and his wife!!
    I am blessed to have you in my life Cinner!
    Love you sweetie

  2. they did do a great job on her pics and she is radiant...i love old barns too...grew up playing in a few and they carry quite a few memories...

  3. Yes, a gorgeous photo of your radiant sister! I like the snowflake border too.

  4. Cinner, your sister is truly radiant.
    Beautiful picture of her!

    The sun is shinng here and I'm very content with my cat and dog sitting right beside me.

    Wishing you a lovely day!

    Margie :)

  5. I knew right away this had to be a sister!! So lovely! I love your write about the barn....beautiful memories indeed. I have smell that spur memories in my mind!
    Have a great week my friend!

  6. she sure does look radiant! lovely picture!!!

    and what a beautiful memory you've shared with us. thank you! took me right out of this office i am sitting in...

  7. Beautiful! I definitely see the resemblance between you two!

    your thoughts always make me feel thank you.

  8. Cindy! your sister looks beautiful!!! I'm so happy to hear you had a great time! barns are so fantastic, so much mystery, so much to imagine how the life was in there once ... be taking a good care, sending lots of love and hugs!

  9. Your sister looked stunning Cinner, like a princess.
    What beautiful memories of childhood. For some reason, being outside in nature always brings back childhood memories for me.
    Love Di ♥

  10. i have many many things that will trigger off memories. certain words, smells, visuals, songs...

    have a great day.

  11. Thanks sister, you make feel so radiant and the wonderful comments from your followers, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

  12. that is an absolutely gorgeous picture of her!


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