Saturday, June 11, 2011

He Turns 59 today!

He is a kid in grown up clothes,
his hair turned to white at fourty,
He plays in a senior league,
he drives over an hour each way to work,
he loves to barbecue,
and loves our yard as much as me.
He has the best sense of humor,
he would rather not tell you something
if he thinks you will worry,
which makes me worry even more.
We visit his Mom once a week,
because he wants to,
one of the reasons I married him was
because of how he treated his parents.,
His strong working hands
that I love to hold.
He has a very soft heart
loves animals,many of which find
there way to my door.,
let's say he keeps me on my toes,
his deep deep voice,
oh I am a sucker for a voice.
He is my best friend.
Happy Birthday hon,
I love you.


  1. big smiles...stay a kid in grown up clothes as long as you can...and i hope you have a very happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday Wain! Miss you guys!

  3. Sounds like you found the perfect man or at least the perfect match for you! That is wonderful!!!! Happy birthday to him and many many more. Stay young at heart and you will live forever!

  4. Cinner, wishing your husband a very happy birthday!
    He sounds like a very special guy!
    Guess you'll keep him, huh? LOL!

    Margie x

  5. Happy Birthday, slugger! You're right -- you can tell a hell of a lot about a person by the way they treat their parents.

  6. Hope Wayne had a great birthday, so happy you have such a loving and kind husband cinner. Have a happy Sunday as well.....:-)Hugs

  7. Happy happy happy Birthday!! Lovely tribute to the love of your life. And that he is your best friend makes it all the sweeter!!

  8. happy birthday to your friend!

  9. A beautiful tribute to your husband! Looks like you have found your perfect match! You two are very lucky to have each other!


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