Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Part of My Paradise!

Outside my back door,
the pleasant smell of lilacs lingers in the air,
pleasant, soothing, present.
A gift only for a few short days
The colors different hues of purple, lilac, soft whites
whispering touch me, smell me,
breathe in my esscence
One of the ladies in the garden with the alabaster skin
stands on guard,
the protector of the flowers is my Venus
her beauty as daunting,
marble chiseled into such form.
She seems to smile
on the sunny days when color surrounds her.
Days when sun and shadows fight for glory,
A much too noticeable dance they play.
The bright yellow in strong contrast of the purples
standing high amongst the branches
that reign supreme over head
The stains upon the flowers left behind
from the last windy rainy day,
still beautiful., are these like laugh lines
on someones face,
more beautiful because they are there...
Once again the clouds roll in sending me a wild mustang in the right corner,
How wild and free, she must float in the clouds,
and in the other corner someone is watching,
do you see the face,
and by the mustangs neck do you see the heart shape?
no need for editing, enjoy take it all in.
As the clouds darken the skies,
the lady of the garden prepares for night,
stoic and on guard.
The aromas of the lilacs lingering as friendly reminders of the day.
The flowers slowly wrap their petals into protective mode,
In the morning once again they will unfold,
and open to greet the day,
They will reach for the sun baking in the warmth,
waiting proudly for someone to acknowledge
the gift and joy they give to the world.
.Have a beautiful weekend.


  1. Oh sweet Cinner. It has been too long since I visited you. I have missed you so. Such beautiful flowers and clouds and such. Enjoy them. xo

  2. my oh my you are surrounded in beauty between the flowers and the it smells lovely out there...happy saturday to you

  3. No better smell than lilacs, one of my favorites. I had snow on my deck this morning, it is gone now but it is very cold out there. Have a happy weekend....:-)Hugs

  4. I'm enjoying our lilacs too -- oh heavenly scent!

  5. How I enjoyed this post, Cinner.
    I love lilacs and have some in my front yard.
    Yours are gorgeous!
    Lovely pictures of your part of paradise!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Margie x

  6. Oh lilacs!! Love them! And the scent is so heady...makes my head spin!!!
    Always a joy to visit with you and your garden.
    Thank you

  7. I adore lilacs. We have many that bloomed this spring. Nothing like it. Beautiful pictures.

  8. Love your poetry... and miss my lilac!But hopefully, there's one waiting for me somewhere!
    Big hugs,
    Monica x

  9. oh honey, these are just beautiful. it made my tea time, all the better.


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