Monday, June 20, 2011

I am Living My Dream!

the rain has poured all weekend except for a few brief
intervals during the evening.
I lay in bed last night listening to the pouring rain,
feeling the dampness in the air. My cat sat at the 
window screen peering outdoors, maybe just maybe
she might be able to catch a glimpse of the robin
that  can be heard still singing. The cats tail was
going back and forth I guess in happiness enjoying the moment too.
As I lay there sleep escaped me, my mind working in overload.
Where do all these thoughts come from and why do they come to me
in the middle of the night.....I was remembering different things I have
seen over the years. I really am a nature lover and have been overjoyed by,
Only seeing once fireflies flitting about lighting up as they flew.
I was amazed to see them, what a lucky vacation evening that was.
I have seen the Northern Lights  and you can not describe adequately
the feeling that surrounded me as the colors changed and swirled in the sky.
I have been in a canoe where the whole lake was filled with lily pads
while the loons have echoed in the background. I have seen a field of 
snow geese, I pulled my car over and listened and could have stayed all day.
They were beautiful, the sound was intense. It was a great sighting.
I have seen seventeen moose all in one evening, they are
large monsters appearing  out of the darkness, so close
you can almost touch them. I have seen a swarm of bees
that covered a large barn amazed by the buzzing and amazed
at how fast my little feet could fly as I ran into the house,
also amazed at how guickly they were gone.
I was amazed by the honey they made in the walls of an
old granary. I have experienced an owl perched on my shoulder with a 
broken wing, I saw it take flight and repeatedly come and tour
what had been his residence. I have seen bald eagles fly with
their beautiful wings spread in their full glory.
I remember feeling breathless, I have seen seals swimming in the ocean
while my nephew swam right along with them, bobbing around as if
somehow they have all belonged together, I have sailed in a boat
amazed at the speed the wind was moving us along in the wavy water,
I have ate fish caught from that very excursion. I have seen racoons
move into a building on the farm, little thieves with masks on,
I have seen fields with deer maybe fifty at once,
I have seen about 300 blue Jays perched out on one of the Elm trees
out front of my house, I have seen canyons and falls that made my
mouth drop open. I have climbed trails I never thought I could conquer,
but so grateful for the gift of the falls when I had made it to the top.
I have toured forests with such enticing tree trunks, mosses,
life breaking forth from the earth and the smell of the rich soil..
I have seen bears slumbering along. I have seen mountain goats
high on a mountain ledge just across from where we had been driving.
I have watched gorillas through panes of glass at the zoo.
I can't get enough of them or the movie Gorillas in the Mist.
I have seen Whitehorn Sheep in Jasper and I have watched
a Falcon perched on my back shed for about two hours one
afternoon. I have watched tiny humming birds divebomb each
other at my Dads bird feeder, I have listened to the rain,danced in the rain, 
and ran out of the rain, hail, snow, glorious sunsets and sunrises,
watched lightening storms, listened to the thunderous loud
boisterous booms of a thunder storm, and the list could go on and on.
I have never seen the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty,
or driven fancy cars, lived in mansions,  travelled far,
but I am lucky, I have been given all these gifts,
and I am living 
My Dream!
If the sun comes out 
I may get to see another rainbow.
It would make for a glorious day.
Have Your Best Days Ever,


  1. ah what a delightful post...i love nature and i am so envious of the moose...i so want to see the fireflies as well...hope you get that rainbow

  2. You are, without doubt the most positive blogger I know and your positivity is infectious. I love to read your posts because you have a way of capturing happiness in your posts. You must be a lovely person to know IRL...I wish I did
    Thanks for the lovely post

  3. thank you for living life and reminding us to do the same.....

  4. Your experiences would be enough, but the extra emotional impact you infuse them with is truly amazing. I will first say : WOW: and then "Thank You!"

  5. Such a wonderful post! We are all so blessed...we just have to remember that!!!

  6. Hi, I am visiting after a long time and am glad to be here.
    You seem to have seen such beautiful things. Being a nature lover myself I can relate to the joy these must have brought to you.

  7. Your list is more precious than seeing Paris or New York.


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