Friday, October 21, 2011

Blow, Blow Them Away!

This used to be a huge money making opportunity for the
young folks on our street.
This time of year there would be knocks on the door every
evening after school, of hopeful children
wanting to make some money.
I think this year they have all won lotteries
because not one has knocked,
either that or they are all on their play stations, etc,
or texting me Hey Lady, quit complaining,
Ha, I can still do my own.
I too have the technology,
My own two hands,
I'll show them,
I just won't be as fast as them.
Today should be the last of it as most are off the trees now.
This is the third time and I have more now than I have had.
I try to stay caught up with them,
but somehow every year they seem to get ahead of me.
They do make for beautiful carpets on  the streets and sidewalks.
So today could you pray that a kid stops in
and wants to make some money.
well my adventure awaits,
Have a great weekend everybody!
Until next time,


  1. smiles. if i was nearby i would come rake for how much money are we talking?smiles. hope you have a lovely weekend...

  2. Praying for a kid to stop by Cindy's's leaf-raking time!
    I love the beauty of the autumn leaves....forgetting that they have to be raked.
    We have evergreens (mostly conifers) in our yard in South color there....and no falling leaves. I do love to see these leaves, Cindy....but, alas, I have forgotten that with this beauty comes work.
    My wish for you: a beautiful and restful weekend.

  3. Cinner you are amazing. Your art is fantastic, but your words are your heart... and oh my what a heart!
    Our leaves, in Michigan, not far from our Canadian friends, are just beginning to fall. I know what you mean about kiddies raking the leaves, ours won't be down until Nov. I'm o.k. with that. I hope you are well. You are a dear. xoxo cb

  4. Here most of our leaves are still attached and usually only start falling when the rains are back...right after Halloween or there about ;-)

  5. We would put up a sign at the street or at the sidewalk since you have a great sidewalk in front of your house. Hubby is great at making signs. He makes them on the computer and if I am the one making the sign I make large hand painted signs on cardboard. "Wanted: Industrious Leaf Raker. Inquire within."

  6. Hi Cinner,

    I remember that too, and I also remember when we used to be allowed to burn the leaves on the street. You would walk down the street and smell the leaves burning and it was a sign that fall was here. It was good for the kids too raking the leaves, they went home and with that feeling of accomplishment.

    You have my permission to pin anything of mine. I love Pinterest. I often am afraid of pinning things because some people are so hysterical about copyright. Me, I think God owns the copyright...that's where my inspiration comes from. So as far as I am concerned He gets the credit.

    Have a beautiful weekend. I love your photo of the leaves. My friend Amisha and I are going for a walk to photograph the Fall leaves today.


  7. Tis the season! At first it all looks so beautiful but about half way through the raking, not so much.
    xo jj

  8. I feel your pain !
    We have 6 big maples in our backyard and our neighbor has one in the front yard that seems to like to leave its leaves all in our yard. That makes a bazillion leaves for David and I to clean up. We finally developed a good system with a rake, leave vaccuum, garbage bin with large homemade funnel tools, but it is still a back aching job !!! Our trees are still full so we get to just anticpate the fun for now...
    Hope you have some massages lined up for when you are done !
    Happy Sunday !

  9. autumn in all it's glory.
    i am hoping a knock at your door is on it's way. ; )

  10. Well, it looks like Chicken Little visited ya'll big time 'cause your sky is fallin'!!!!

    Girl, if ya lived closer I'd send ya couple of my grandsons...they go around their neighborhood to do such things for 'free'. It's just the way they fly!!!

    God bless ya and have a most extraordinary day sweetie!!!

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