Saturday, November 24, 2012


Mornings are my favorite part of the day,
Baroque Music is playing, I am sipping my
French Vanilla coffee enjoying the warmth on my hands
as I hold my favorite cup, savoring the taste and the aroma.
As I sit here I can hear the cooing of pigeons on my roof.
I smile as my cat looks up knowing there are birdies
above our heads. They sit by the warmth of the furnace,
and then fly back to the big barn house next door
that has sat empty for about six years.
I guess if they are cooing on my rooftop that at least they must
be content.
Today I am content, I had a morning call from my Mom,
and have to laugh when she says, Oh you are up/
well why are you calling if you think I am sleeping
and we laugh. She just needs to hear my voice as
much as I need to hear hers.
I have the best people in my life,
I really do.
I am off to have lunch with a girlfriend today.
I wonder if she would mind if I went  in my pjs
She probably would not even notice
but I will put on my big girl clothes
and play dressup.
I hope you all enjopy your weekend
and appreciate the simple things in life
that make you happy and make you smile.
The sun appears in the sky.


  1. smiles...enjoy the sun....and time with your friend...and sometimes we do just need to hear the voice of another...

  2. Contentment is a great place to be !
    Love and light to you, Lovely One !

  3. Enjoy your lunch! I'm sure your cat would like to invite one or two pigeons indoors . . . just to play a little, you know?

  4. I sit with you and enjoy the quiet conversation and the warm sun on my face~
    I love to hear my mom's voice each day as well

  5. Hahahaha! My Mom does the exact same thing-- calling early in the morning. It cracks me up.

    Sounds like you have a terrific day planned. Enjoy lunch with your friend.

    Stop by, I'm having a Christmas Giveaway!

    xo jj

  6. Gosh, I just saw the date of this last post. Are you all right? Are you ready for Christmas?

  7. CiCi, yes I am fine, had put my back out, but all is well now. I am almost ready for Christmas, wishing you all the best.


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