Friday, November 16, 2012

When You Close Your Eyes Really Tight...Do you see colors.

These shots are from Prisms on my wall.
Some have a little editing done.
I am like a kid in a candy store.
I get so excited when I see these colors.

If these are bouncing around on my walls , floor and ceiling,
well that means it is pretty sunny outside,
Yesterday the sun shone and I had so much energy,
I missed my one nap in the afternoon,
so I have had insomnia all night long.
I would not trade this though 
because the sun makes one feel so alive.
Even with the snow on the ground 
one can find me in quite a jovial mood.
It's those gray days I need to 
The picture below is my favorite.
It makes me want to play with some paint,
or do some really wild makeup applications.

My cat sits and watches these and every once in a while
she will jump and hit the wall,
then look at me like
what the heck did you do?
Enjoy the beauty around you today,
Hope you have your very best day,
and that the sun is shining in your neck of the world.


  1. HI LOVE - the prisms are lovely, intriguing and mesmerizing. I love kaleidiscopes too so this is very appealing to me and soothing.
    I am healing, slowly, but healing all the same. Thank you for your love and prayers.
    Love Gail

  2. haha on the cat...too funny...i would love to see cat has done the same...i think it looks really cool on the wall...

  3. Oh Cinner those specs of colours are so fascinating and I understand your excitment.
    I am so happy you have found me, I realized I never emailed anyone about my move to Wordpress. I have to remedy to this soon. I am glad to see you too :-)

    Anyes - Far Away in the


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