Friday, November 9, 2012

My Dog!

Hi Everyone,
If any of you follow me on facebook
then you know my dog Kula
has gone to that puppy dog heaven in the sky.
It has been two weeks today.
I am feeling better and know that we made the best 
decision for him. He was 11 and he could no longer get up
most days because of his arthritis in his back legs.
Here are some of my favorite pictures of him.
He loved the snow, He would stay and play in it all day.
He and I used to sit on this bench in the summer.
I would say to him Do you want to sit on the bench?
H would run and wait for me to sit down, then he would put his
head on my lap or my shoulder. He was such a good boy.
He was forever sneaking up on the bed and putting his head
on one of the pillows, After a while when I got ill and had to have a nap everyday,
I would say do you think it is time for a nap and he would get 
on his spot on the bed.
He was great for photo ops and
here he was having a tea party.
It took quite a while to get them settled down for that!
He was a very smart boy,
Many times I would have a Cataplexy episode and fall
and he would lay beside me on the ground or floor,
sometimes lick my face. I felt safe just knowing he was there.
He never left my side. He became very protective of me and
if my husband ever gave me a hug when he was around,
Kula would bark at him, as if to say "Don't hurt her,"
One of his favorite things was to play soccer,
He would do that for hours when he was little.
It was a great game when kids would come to visit him.
He always had Christmas presents to open and these
were his favorites. We would say where are your barkers,
He would go get them, toss them in the air and step on them
until they would bark. Those were his favorite toys.
His favorite thing was to go for a walk.
We could not say the word around him
without taking him for one.
Then he even learned to spell.
We were okay for a bit,
But after a while he figured out what
W A L K spelt, and he would go to the door
and sit and wait for us.
I miss him to pieces, the house is quiet, I have many wonderful
memories. On pinterest lately there are all these pins about
Animal Abuse. It drives me crazy and I can not imagine
anyone being cruel enough to hurt an animal.
You only have to have one to experience
unconditional love. I trained Kula many tricks,
but it is funny because I know I learned
way more from him than he ever did from me.
R.I.P  Dear Kula  Boy
2001- 2012
Until next time,


  1. smiles...a lovely tribute...and i am sorry, a dog is def part of the family and in the after takes much getting used to not having them there....some cute pics as well....

  2. Farewell Kula, good dog and true. Wishing you heart's ease for your faithful friend and protector.

  3. I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Kula, Cinner. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute to him here. I would like to be your FB friend so that I can keep up on your life better; I am on FB more than blogs nowadays. You can find me at: Please friend me :)

    Again, I am sorry. I lost my little Winston in 1996 and still carry him with me every day in my heart. He will be with me forever as Kula will be with you. Love, Olivia

    1. hi olivia i could not find you on facebook, could you try me cindycowan, i hope you find me, hugs

  4. I miss my I know how you feel! Eloise was the most loving dog we have ever had. Kind, gentle and smart. Great combination.
    She has been gone for 5 years now and I still miss her. One this that totally puzzles me and makes me livid is animal abuse. Of any kind!!!!! They should be treated as they treated their animal! The louts!!

  5. HI CINER - great memories, great pictures, wonderful tribute. Kula was loved so well and she loved you :-)
    Love Gail

  6. It's really hard to put into words how much they become part of you and how much the loss of one means. Even though all of us who have loved an animal have taken this same walk, it still is so uniquely a pain for each. Just know that you meant as much to him as he meant to you. Love like that may change shape, but it never dies. Good Boy, Kula...Good boy.

  7. Cinner, I'm sorry about Kula's passing. I had to do the same with my Mabel in June. It's hard when our furry family members pass on. I like to think they are looking down on us in Animal Heaven.

  8. These are absolutely beautiful photos of your sweet Kula. She is a beautiful friend...and I know you miss her beyond words.
    I wanted you to know that this post touched my heart, and I am so sorry for the loss of her.
    Sending you love,

  9. Kula stayed by your side and taught you many things. He was part of your family for a long time. These are great pictures. Remembering your wonderful time with Kula will not fade with years, only the pain of missing him.

  10. thanks everyone for sharing your stories and your kind words.


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