Saturday, February 16, 2013

Buddy Green - Amazing Harmonica Solo - Bach

Hi Everyone, 
I have a new favorite hobby,
I am teaching myself to play the harmonica.
I stumbled across this on Youtube.
It is worth a watch and inspires me.
Hubby bought me a new harmonica for Valentines day.
So out went the one from the Dollar Store
and I have to say the sound that comes out of my new one,
well is so much better.
Hubby kids and says it is out of this world. lol
Not the best look, and I know I am not
holding this right and I was taking the picture too,
but you can see how serious I am taking this.
I am learning to play off of you tube.
So if your wondering what I am doing.
I am learning Danny Boy....
it is going to be practice, practice.
Then I will show
Mr. Hubby
out of this world.
Have a great day.


  1. what a cool new hobby...i love the sound of the harmonica...we played with them when young but never really got it to when you get good and ready we are getting a video right?

  2. What a beautiful gift -- a Honner harmonica is the best! Danny Boy is one of my most favourite songs. I look forward to your post of your playing it.

    And all I can say about the Buddy Green video is -- wow! The man's a virtuoso, no doubt about it.

  3. How make music is a fabulous thing.
    Good for you!

  4. Hey girl- good for you!! what 'key' r u lerning in? I bought Skipp a set of harmonicas in all the keys for Christmas. He plays well. I am thrilled for you and your new passion. You are truly the best.
    Love Gail

    1. Hi Gail. I am in the key of C, I did not know you could buy them in a set. It is a time killer too for me, I figure if I am playing the harmonica then I am not eating. lol. love to you, peace, Cindy hey

  5. The next video I see I want it to be YOU playing "Danny Boy".... I'm so proud of you.
    Continued happiness and success to you, sweet friend.

  6. Jackie hi, I will post a video first part of March when my sister comes. sending hugs your way.

  7. You are amazing. You are talented. Lots. The video was fun to see and I remember when we were kids harmonicas were around and kids would play them. Some of my friends got pretty good with them. I know you will master the harmonica as you do anything you put your mind to, you are just like that.


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