Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Random Tuesday

Random Tuesday
Around the corner Spring awaits,
although in my mind it has already arrived.
On this sun filled day, diamonds bouncing off the freshly
fallen snow,
Chickadees outside my window.
Meat loaf and Scalloped Potatoes ready to be prepared.
Unpacking suitcase, playing with makeup given to me by my sister,
Phone call with my Mother, Country music playing Chanel 404,
loving this wonderful day, happiness.
Focusing on all the positive things in my life,
knowing that each day is about choosing
how we will see it!
My messy house means that it is lived in!
Dishes to do means that I have food to eat.
Laundry to be done means I have clothes to wear.
Icicles falling off the neighbors house
means it is warming up.
Sunshine means happiness.
It is the perfect day!


  1. each day is about choosing how we see...that is truth...and so when can i come over and have some meat loaf? ha...i love meatloaf...

  2. Brian I love it too. My hubby always says it is the best meal I make, then sometimes he says it is the only meal I make. lol. the door is always open.

  3. I love scalloped potatoes too, hint hint!

    1. That could be arranged Deb, have you met anyone from blogland? The scalloped potatoes are my Moms recipe, that makes it more tempting. hope you are well. and not snowed in from this past storm.

  4. HI, Cinner, It's Olivia from happyluau. I was wondering if we could connect on Facebook. I hope so! my name is on facebook.com/obrown, please send me a friend request. I am not keeping up with my personal blog right now, but doing everything on Facebook. I still read your blog and think of you. I hope to see you there, xoO

  5. Spring is almost here...that is right!

    1. SueAnn, sometimes I can get on your blog and others it won't let me...I miss seeing all your works of art. Hope you are feeling well, as far as spring yesterday we had one of our worst storms, a hundred car pileup. it was crazy. today you would never know it was so treacherous yesterday. hugs to you.

  6. Hello love - oh my, such a beautiful happy post. I love your wonderful outlook and your lovely world. Can I come for dinner? Sounds yummy. We are clearing from a Winter blast, snow and ice and frozen mist - only to have more of the same over night. But that's ok, inside, the forsythia branches I cut and put in warm water have bloomed the brightest yellow! Glorious. My Mom did it every year in February, I was actually late - sorry Mom! And Friday we are headed to Brooklyn to celebrate my sons birthday - can't wait!! We are taking him and his lovely girlfriend out for dinner, We are staying at a nice hotel with a view of Manhattan called LaJolie. Nice, huh? We will bring a bottle of wine with us fr later.....
    Love you girl "hey"

    1. Gail that sounds awesome about the forsythia branches. I have to check them out now/ glad it was a tradition with your Mom. as for going to Brooklyn I have always wanted to go, the hotel sounds nice and if you get your ooo-la-la on just don't tell me. ha. Have fun and Happy Birthday to your son. I miss you my friend. I love you too. have a fantastic time.

  7. You have THE best outlook on life, Cindy.
    It is a breath of fresh air to come here. Truly....
    Thank you, my friend, for sharing the beauty in everything with me.

  8. Welcome home, Cinner! How you had a great visit with your family.
    xoxo jj


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