Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Car for a Lawnmower! A Steal of a Deal!

Lots has been happening in my life lately.
One of the most exciting is getting to know others
that have the same illness as I.
To know your not alone and to have others
understand exactly what is happening.
I guess to fit, to belong, to be enough.
To be okay just as one is, accepting!
For ten years I kept telling myself, Don't sell your car,
You will drive again one day!Soon you will be better.
Well here it is 10 years this summer,
so out of the blue last week I sold my car,
My pink car named Precious.
Was I sad to let her go. No I was in charge
knowing this was the best thing for me.
That had been my independance, but I did not need to keep it
anymore as I am okay with whom I am.
Everytime I look out where I had it parked
I smile to myself, Holding onto the past no matter what
it  be, can be exhausting!
I have to admit that my husband was shocked
when he came home and saw the car gone.
We had talked about it, I think he thought I never would
have sold it. He also thought I should have gotten more money.
I think I did good and I told him it was not about the money.
so now instead of a car we are going to buy a new lawnmower.
So on this long weekend
hopefully we will be cutting the grass and playing in the yard,
sitting in the sun!
Have a great long weekend!
Don't ever let anything hold you back
from knowing that you are
And if you have people in your life or in blogland
that tell you otherwise, well then Thank your lucky stars
and leave them Behind!
Until next time,


  1. woot...hey good on you for making that decision and getting it fun on the new son wants me to get a new one that he can drive...ha...he is push mowing right now...

  2. Good for you for letting go of what no longer serves your needs! Enjoy the beautiful smell of freshly-cut grass this weekend!

  3. Hello Love - oh my, I loev that you had a pink car and it was named Precious. Love it. And I love your power of choice to let Precious go for she served her purpose and you and she had a good run. I love your strength and courage and honesty and I simply love you. You inspire me so.
    Thank you for the gift of you my love.

    p.s. did fine at the docs for my yearly stem to stern - Good Lord. I wore glitter and a jeweled head band. :-) He is just tweaking a few meds to regulate some stuff better and he said I am doing really well. Plus, I lost 12 pounds. !!

  4. What do you think the chances are of finding a pink lawnmower ;-)

    Congrats on selling your car and for taking a leap of faith in your life. Love it.

    Be happy and enjoy the wonderful smell of fresh cut grass!

    xo jj

  5. It always strengthens me to come here, Cindy.
    You have the attitude that I need to inherit/borrow/steal. :)) Positive, positive, positive.
    Your positive attitude is infectious. Did you know that? Just saying...
    Love you, my friend.
    P.S. Great trade....proud of you!!!

  6. It's so, SO beautiful that you're meeting friends that completely understand what your feelings are, and you give precious support one another. So glad for you!

  7. Cinner, I had to come back and read this post for a second time. Your words about holding onto the past can be is so true and I struggle with it so much. Thank you for telling me the Truth when I so need to hear it. It's one of the things I've come to adore about you.

  8. Greetings Cinner,

    Thanks so much for being such a bright light in this world. Stopping over to say HI!!!!

    one love.


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