Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I should have stayed in bed!

I need to remind you guys that I have a somewhat sarcastic
sense of humor at times,
so keeping that in mind
this is what happened in my day.
I have to build up to today.
Yesterday I went off to pay a visit to my dentist,
It was a new dentist as my other had left to go somewhere else.
No problem, I get in there, they get me all comfortable
in my chair, the young lady seemed a little nervous,
I thought I should be the one that should be nervous.
I have had two sties in my eye only twice in my entire life,
But yesterday it was a doozer, swollen puppy eye
which I can hardly see through.
I was hoping he would not notice,
As if.
He comes in says before I even see him
Miss Cindy what can I do for you,
and he looks up as he sat down.
He made a gallant effort to pretend he had not noticed.
I explained I had a very small chip in my front tooth.
I was laying there thinking he probably thinks I should go to the eye doctor instead.
So ever so slowly he leans in to inspect my chip,
I am sure he had his head held back so as not to come to close.
I thought to myself what a ridiculous morning,
so this strikes me funny and I had about
five cataplexy spells one after another,
which because I was laying down,
I did not fall, but my head kept falling forward as he was trying to fix the chip.
Do you know how hard it is to laugh when something strikes you funny.
He kept telling me to keep my mouth open,
and I was thinking oh sure easy for you to say.
So a day later the tooth is fine,
and the lovely eye continued to swell even more.
This am my husband just before work,
kisses me good bye,
and says You look lovely,
I think it is getting better.
So a smile proceeds on my face.
I told him I would see him later before his ball game tonight.
When I did get up I thought
Lord love a duck.
That hubby of mine needs new glasses,
I mean come on I almost ran from the room,
I said almost....
so I thought well I am a vision of lovliness,
I will go do some stuff in the yard.
I put on my worst short and worst tank top,
as there was work to be done,
Of course a hat,
as my age spots are starting to play connect the dots,
I f   I am out there enough they might run all together
and get a tan.
Of course I wear my spf,
afterall it is one size fits all,
okay I am in.
Within a half an hour,
I no longer look any better,
in fact I am a bright beautiful
shade of tomato red,
Sure am looking sexy today.
so after that I was housebound,,,,
Finally my hubby gets home from work,
says hi beautiful.
Hi honey, and I went to kiss him,
he leaned away from me
and says wow that has gotten huge.
Lovely! He was off to his ballgame
so he had about ten minutes at home
before he had to leave.
Off he goes, looking fine,
out the front door,
gets to the truck,
he is shaking his head,
turns around, comes to the door,
and says I locked my keys in the truck,
I said your kidding, not only did he lock one set in,
but the second as well,
and the clock is ticking,
the one window was open just a crack,
so after about 20 minutes he gets in,
now in a rush to go to ball.
So off he goes in a rush,
A half hour later he calls and says,
Honey guess where I am,
I said Hopefully your playing ball,
He says no,
I am 24 hours too early...
And we both started laughing,
I was sitting on the couch,
the more I laughed the less I could talk to him.
So between the two of us our day
was a little off.
He said tonight
Why are you so red,
I said thats what happens when your outside on a hot day.
Well why were you out so long.
What I was hardly out at all.
Maybe the sun will get rid of the thing on your eye.
I thought to myself,
and would you like tomato lady to peel more 
after sitting in the sun.
Note to self,
Why would a man that locked both sets of truck keys in his vehicle,
and go to a game on the wrong night.
give me any suggestions about sitting in the sun, etc.
Don't guestion it.
I am off to bed and if I wake up
in the morning,
I might need a trip 
to the doctor for antibiotics!
P.s. He does not know if I look any better,
he has been watching hockey ever since
he has come home.
If I told you today was a perfect day,
I don't think you would believe me.
but I do choose to see the good in the day.
No one dropped in for a visit,
my husband did not hurt himself playing ball,
The weather was wonderful.,
And Red Is Not My Color!


  1. Oh my goodness! What a day! Hope the swelling goes down and the red turns into a nice golden tan. :)

  2. smiles. any day you can survive the dentist is a good day...sounds like you had quite the day and i am glad you look at it that way...

  3. oh cinner you are so funny, I love your attitude and you husband has a great sense of humor as well. Hope you eye gets better soon.
    big hugs.......:-)

  4. Ha! What a day you had. Glad you could dose it with a great sense of humor! I sure hope that eye gets better soon. It does sound like you need a hit of antibiotics to give it some help.
    Love your attitude lady! You made me smile this morning for sure.

  5. This was so funny and real...enjoyed your humor through it all!

  6. Oh what a pair you and your husband make :)

    and at least your red skin matches your red eye.
    Take care I hope the swelling goes down.

  7. Love sarcastic!!! Bring it on!! Smile.
    Great writing. Telling it like it really is and seeing humor in the not so great stuff. Really like it.

  8. I have an award for you waiting!

  9. Red may not be your color but Canada beat our Penquins last night so at least that's another good things about your day. The other good thing is how much you made me laugh.

    Love to you. Warm strong tea compresses on your eye will help the sty.

  10. are too funny. I just love your humor, it makes my day! Oh the things we muddle through, hoping no one will notice. Thank God everyday for your wonderful husband! He is unique! Thanks for the laughs and have a wonderful blessed week!

  11. LOL oh bless your heart honey - hope it all gets better soon


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