Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Balance stone Arrived, and Good vs. Evil, and a Slightly Sad Cinner

Every once in a while life can take the wind out of our sails.
I have to admit I am feeling a bit like that,
I can usually shake most things off like water off of a ducks back,
I have always believed in helping one another,
doing the right thing, not standing  idly by when someone is in trouble.
So I have a real hard time understanding when others turn their backs
on others and by doing so should they be free without any consequences.
I am referring to an alleged incident between a 16 year old boy 
supposedly assaulting      a twelve year old girl in a schoolyard while eight other people
watched. From what I understand the  16 year old boy was arrested,
and interviews were being done with the eight other people
whom stood idly by and did nothing to help.
This saddens me so and  I want to scream,
Why, how could you watch, how could you live with yourself,
As a victim of a senseless violent act,
I also am ashamed that I did not charge my attackers,
all because I thought I would be blamed.
That was 33 years ago. I have written about this before
because of two courageous bloggers that had told their own stories.
I guess this incident has just brought issues back to the surface,
I pray for her that she finds the strength she will need.
My nephew is twelve and was very shaken up by this
as the girl goes to his school and is the same age.
I pray that the world will change,
and it starts with all people,
may you smile at somehow whom is frowning,
may you acknowledge a passerby,
may you sit with someone whom is lonely,
may we all become better listeners,
for their are peoples stories all around us
that need to be heard,
To make a difference
it just takes one person,
one person at a 
And all we have to do is care.
It really should be very simple.
Lastly I want to thank Julie, (Julchoka) all the way from Denmark.
She had donated  for the Gift of Jewels.  a Beautiful rock that has a painted feather on it.
I was lucky enough to win this and was thrilled
It represents balance. Balance is what I need,
a Balance of the good and the bad.
Oh when I  have friends that go to other places travelling,
a lot of times they will ask what to bring me back,
I tell them just pick me up a rock off the beach,
or the ground. These are places I will probably never get to.
So to hold this beautiful rock from Denmark makes me 
happy, and I have a little piece from some other part of the world.
And I am reminded of goodness and kindness, that somehow in this world,
I believe that  still far outweighs  the bad.
She also sent a beautiful friendship bracelet.
What a lovely surprise.
Also thank you to Se'lah for putting the Gift of Jewels together.
Until next time,


  1. smiles. glad you got your is saddening to see when something like this happens...senseless...

  2. I pray for all who chose not to help others. But, I also believe that we must put positive vibes out in the world to counteract negativity.

    Glad you got your balance stone. enjoy.

  3. As hard as it is, sometimes all we can do is start with our own small piece of the world and set an example. Being kinder than necessary where we can and forgiving others for not knowing or doing better. I share yous sweet prayers, Beautiful One.
    So glad you received the lovely Balance stone. May it keep you in that centered place.
    Big Love to you !

  4. I don't get it either someone can just stand by and watch another human being injured in such a cruel manner. It's sad and disturbing. But it's a weird pack mentality...

    Oh and for balance...I am desperately seeking it...desperately...


  5. It is impossible to understand what happens to someone when they attack another human being. I do not not get it and cannot understand why these things happen. I agree with you about your horror first about the violence and then about the passive onlookers. Don't people care about each other any longer, don't these young people have parents teaching them right from wrong?

  6. oh dear Cinner how sad, it is worrying isn't it and it seems to be more common place these days. We have similar things happen here in Australia and it does make you wonder where on earth we are headed. But as you have said and others too, we can just do what we can do to make a small change wherever we are. Be happy my dear

  7. Oh, yes...TRULY heartbreaking!!!!! I'm so sorry to hear about this...but beautiful people like yourself are making THE difference!!! Thank you for being such a courageous example and strong voice...for standing up against injustice and cruelty. You inspire us. I treasure your friendship! Love, Janine XO

  8. Hi Cindy...I am sorry to read about the incident on the playground and the lack of caring. The world needs more caring people like yourself.
    I smiled to see that you like for people to bring you rocks from places they travel. Me too!!! I love that. I know that I won't get to most of the places on my "Bucket List,"...but isn't it nice to know that others think of us when they do? :))
    Feel the hugs, Cindy....

  9. a sad story ... so sorry that our world has come to that so many times..then a special gift of jewels to brighten the day..balance ,,strength in that word for sure

  10. Elk, it was perfect timing for me to get my balance stone...I needed it that day. always glad to see you visit.

    Jackie, oh another reason we connect so well, I truly love it and the feather is beautiful on it. I hold it in my hand and I think wow all the way from Denmark!I hope you are well, think of you often. hugs.

  11. Janine, thank you, you are a dear, things like this sadden me so, there are more good than bad, I
    have to keep believing in positivity and goodness. I treasure our friendship too. hugs.

    Kim your right if we all just did our part...I don't know if you listen to Johnny Reid.(country singer, swoon) he has just released a new song called Changing the World. I have only heaard it once but it is wonderful. be well.

  12. TechnoBabe, I don't know...Maybe the communication and lifes lessons have been thrown by the wayside because people are so busy and stressed...We have to keep the faith, that is a start I guess.

  13. Caroline, Balance would be wonderful every day, sometimes the rollercoaster of life can seem a little topsy turvy...but we will make it, no doubt about it.

  14. Kim, I have been meditating, I find that breathing seems to help, and we can all do what we can do. I so hope you enjoy your time away. I was thrilled the rock arrived that day. hugs.

  15. Se'lah that is so true, I hate even writing about negative stuff, because that seems like all that is ever in the pleased that the balance stone came. I do love it, thanks again for putting this all together and spreading all the love. hugs.

    Brian, it is just senseless, glad for those of us who think. hope you are well, smiles.

  16. Ackkkk I lost my comment...will start again. It is funny you wrote about last night I was thinking about an event in my own life. When I was 12 I was attacked by a mentally ill man at our small fair. Folks all knew he was challenged...he grabbed me and started to drag me rape I assume. Several adults stood and watched him drag me off screaming. They all knew me and my family..and they let him take me into a dark deserted barn. I finally kicked him and ran..but what could have happened..and they all just watched him drag me off. I have never understood this at all. What is wrong with people?? Hugs to you my friend!
    Pop by my blog later this morning..I have a special gift for you there!
    Hugs and love, Sarah

  17. You are so right....May the good in this world start with me!!
    Blessings to you today Cindy!

  18. i'm so sorry to hear about this. sending you hugs and good wishes from the other side of the world.

  19. Kamana, thank you, you are a sweetheart. hope you are well.

    Cora, your right, on these cooler days I keep thinking about what your cooking at your house, will be by to see you soon. hugs.

    Sarah, I am so sorry this happened to you. as a child you must have been horrified, so glad you got away, that would be hard to get over why no one would help, ...leaves me flabbergasted. ....thank you so much for the award, that meant alot to me. Renee will forever remain in our hearts. hugs . I love the 3 dragon pictures on your other blog.


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